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How To Unlock More Emotes in Saints Row 2022

There are many ways to express yourself, and using Emotes is one of them. Here's how you can unlock more Emotes in Saints Row 2022.
How To Unlock More Emotes in Saints Row 2022

The new Saints Row 2022 Reboot was a highly anticipated release, especially among fans who enjoyed the original game released in 2006. Since then, expressing yourself with the latest in-game fashion or flashy cars has improved, with many options available to customize your character.

Accordingly, using Emotes is another method you can try to goad your enemies with a silly dance or express your emotions. This article will cover how to unlock more Emotes in Saints Row 2022, including their price range and how to use them.

Saints Row 2022 - How to unlock more Emotes

where to find more emotes in saints row 2022
When you enter Santo Ileso, make your way to the Chicken Dance Studio to get more Emotes. (Picture: YouTuber / Karpo Gaming)

Players are always searching for ways to express themselves; Emotes are one of them in Saints Row. Whether it's to express happiness or show off in front of your enemy, there are plenty of dancing Emotes for you to choose from in the new Saints Row Reboot 2022.

The easiest way to get more Emotes in Saints Row 2022 is by purchasing them. Players can get more Emotes once they enter Santo Ileso. Make your way to the East Flats, where you can find the Chicken Dance Studio. Next, you must open your wallet to unlock more Emotes in Saints Row.

how to get more emotes in saints row 2022
You can buy Emotes at the Chicken Dance Studio in Saints Row 2022. (Picture: YouTube / Karpo Gaming)

The cheapest Emote that can be bought is Boom Boom for $1,200; there are 29 different Emotes that you can purchase at the Chicken Dance Studio. The most expensive Emote that can be bought is Sloppy Swish at $30,000. You can collect all these Emotes if you know how to get cash fast in the new Saints Row Reboot.

Here’s how you can use Emotes on both console and PC in the Saints Row Reboot 2022. For PC gamers, use the C and V keys on your keyboard to make your character dance; for console gamers, hit the left and right buttons on the D-Pad (directional pad). Note that you can only equip two Emotes at a time.

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Featured image courtesy of Deep Silver.