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Shroud weighs in on controller aim assist vs M&K argument in esports tournaments

Famous Mixer streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek thinks controller players should be separated from M&K in esports.
Shroud weighs in on controller aim assist vs M&K argument in esports tournaments

There has been a raging debate about aim assist and those who use a controller on PC to take advantage of the feature. Some believe using a controller gives players a competitive advantage. Now, famous Mixer streamer, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, has weighed in on aim assist and esports tournaments.

Shroud makes a whole lot of sense when talking about aim assist, and how those using a controller should be separate from those using a mouse and keyboard when competing for money.


Shroud comments on aim assist

In May, we reported how the competitive integrity of Fortnite once again came into question as mouse and keyboard players were at a severe disadvantage. However, the issue isn't just about Fortnite, as it affects all games with aim assist.

For Shroud, the issue is pretty simple, and it is hard to argue with the Mixer streamer. Shroud says there are advantages to both using a controller, and to using a mouse and keyboard setup.

Simply put, the fact that there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to both input methods is the issue, when there's an esports tournament with money at stake.

Shroud explains: "The whole point of competition is fair play, you know, competitive integrity. So if a mouse and keyboard isn't fair against a controller or visa versa, because they both have their pros and cons, they shouldn't exist in the same world. 

"It is really that simple. The fact that people are arguing against any of that is crazy to me. That right there what I said is a fact, it is that simple. Like...there's now way anyone can argue against it. You just can't, there's no argument there, zero."



Shroud continues to explain how some people might argue one input method has more of an advantage than the other. However, he explains this doesn't matter since both ways is a problem, so it shouldn't exist in competitive play.

Shroud's stance on using a controller and aim assist to compete against those on mouse and keyboard, or visa versa, makes perfect sense. In esports tournaments, when there's a lot of money at stake, you simply cannot have these two co-exist. 

Shroud continued by making some jokes about controller aim assist (which shouldn't be taken seriously) and nearly choking on a "fried chicken sandwich". 

However, the point is both input methods have advantages and disadvantages against one another.

The simple fact of the matter is, controller players should compete against other controller players, while mouse and keyboard players should compete against one another in esports tournaments. This is the only way to completely level the playing field.