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Sonic Origins Coins - How To Get More And Uses

Coins are a new currency in the Sonic Origins video game compilation. This guide explains how to collect and spend Coins in the game.
Sonic Origins Coins - How To Get More And Uses

Sonic Origins is a brand-new remastered Sonic the Hedgehog video game compilation by Sega, released in June 2022 to celebrate the famed character's 31st birthday. The game collection features new gameplay, features, and game modes.

The game trailer also showcased the new in-game collectible currency, Coins, which you can get by playing specific modes or missions. This guide details everything you need to know about the new Coins currency in Sonic Origins, including how to find and use Coins once the game releases to unlock some sweet rewards.

How to get Coins in Sonic Origins

Sonic Origins Coins How to get more and uses Unlock by playing Anniversary mode
Players can collect Coins by finding them when playing any of the games in Anniversary Mode. (Picture: SEGA)

As mentioned earlier, Coins are an unlockable currency that players can collect in Sonic Origins. Notably, Players can only collect Coins in one of two ways: by playing any of the games in Anniversary mode or by completing missions in Mission Mode.

For those unaware, Sonic Origins will feature both Anniversary and Classic Modes for each of the four games that come as part of the collection. 

This means you won't need to replay one level over and over to farm Coins needlessly. Instead, you will have choices between missions or any four games to play on Anniversary Mode to collect as many Coins as you wish.

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How to use Coins in Sonic Origins

The Coins in Sonic Origins give you one of two perks to use in the game. The first is when playing any of the Special stages in Anniversary Mode, allowing you to use a Coin to retry the mission instantly if you fail it at any point. 

Sonic Origins Coins How to get more and uses Can be used to retry and of the Special Stages
You can use Coins to retry any of the Special Stages instantly. (Picture: SEGA)

Secondly, you can use a Coin to unlock new content at the Museum. Here players can find tons of content to enjoy, from character bios, music, concept art, and videos that cover the Sonic universe's deep and extensive lore. 

Sonic Origins Coins How to get more and uses Museum unlocks items
You can also use Coins to unlock special items at the Museum, allowing players to see special and historical content. (Picture: SEGA)

The Museum also features a Premium Collection vault containing never-before-seen content from the Sonic lore. This makes the Coins worth collecting, as you might be one of the first players to unlock this new content and see what it holds in store for the Sonic universe as a whole. 

That's everything you need to know about Coins in Sonic Origins.

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Featured image courtesy of Sega.