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All Redout 2 Trophies And Achievements - How To Earn

Earn all the Trophies or achievements in Redout 2 with our complete list including descriptions of each task players need to complete.
All Redout 2 Trophies And Achievements - How To Earn

Developer 34BigThings and publisher Saber Interactive are unleashed Redout 2, an arcade-style anti-gravity racing game for PC and consoles on 16th June 2022. As players jump in to experience immense speeds, they might want to know what all the Redout 2 Trophies or achievements are, and how they can earn each one.

In this article, we have you covered with the complete list of Trophies (PS4/PS5) or achievements (Xbox and PC) for Redout 2.

Redout 2 - Trophies & Achievements list

Redout 2 all achievements trophies bronze silver gold platinum list how to earn
Hitting certain speeds will unlock some Redout 2 achievements. (Picture: Saber Interactive)

Completionists will want to unlock every Trophy or Achievement (depending on their platform) for Redout 2.

There are 43 Bronze, 8 Silver, 1 Gold, and 1 Platinum Trophy to earn in Redout 2. 

Below, we have a complete list of all Redout 2 Trophies and achievements, listed by trophy category.

Source: PSNProfiles.

Redout 2 Bronze Trophies:

Redout 2 all achievements trophies bronze silver gold platinum list how to earn
Find the full list of Redout 2 Trophies or Achievements below. (Picture: Saber Interactive)
  • Rookie No More - Complete the Redout Academy subset.
  • Rookie No-No More - Complete the Redout Advanced Academy subset.
  • EZ game EZ life - Complete the class B trials subset.
  • Had to sweat a bit - Complete the class A trials subset.
  • [Sweats profusely] - Complete the class S trails subset.
  • Gitting Gud - Complete the SRRL trials subset.
  • Enter the Speed Gauntlet - Advance into Class B.
  • Even Faster! - Advance into Class A.
  • All Power to Engines! - Advance into Class S.
  • Put it on a shelf - Collect your first bonus trophy.
  • I, need, more, shelves! - Collect all bonus trophies.
  • Dev, this! - Beat a dev time in any map.
  • Walked like an Egyptian - Complete an event on every Cairo track.
  • Ride in the rising sun - Complete an event on every Fuji track.
  • Martian explorer - Complete an event on every Mars Memorial track.
  • Over the clouds - Complete an event on every Cloud Ocean track.
  • To the core - Complete an event on every Tartarus Mines track.
  • Under the sea, under the sea - Complete an event on every Mariana Trench track.
  • To infinity and gravity! - Complete an event on every Black Hole track.
  • One giant drive for mankind - Complete an event on every Genesis track.
  • Under the neon lights - Complete an event on every Neo Tokyo track.
  • First step into a larger world - Enter a multiplayer race.
  • Familiar Face - Enter 50 multiplayer races.
  • Better luck next time - Finish last in a multiplayer race.
  • It's like a party! - Join a match with a friend.
  • Everything is better with friends - Complete 10 races with friends.
  • Eat dust my friend - Overtake 100 human players.
  • A Cheese Grater to the Face - No assists? Are you sure?
  • Almost broke the game - Reach 2500 kph (1553 mph).
  • Longshot - Fly for 1000 km (621 miles).
  • Increasing your Power Level - Unlock your first module.
  • Try them all - Unlock every chassis.
  • B-asic! - Unlock every class B module.
  • A-mazing! - Unlock every class A module.
  • S-uper! - Unlock every class S module.
  • I just can't choose - Unlock your first aesthetic module.
  • Suit up - Unlock your first livery.
  • It's like an haircut - Unlock your first paintjob.
  • Great Start - Get pole position in a qualifier.
  • Grandslam - Get a grandslam (pole, led every lap, fastest lap, win race).
  • He who laughs last... - Win a race after having qualified in last place.
  • Blurred photofinish - Cross the finish line at 1500 kph (932 mph) or higher.
  • Running at the speed of sound - Average a speed of 1234 kph (767 mph) in an event.

Redout 2 Silver Trophies:

Redout 2 all achievements trophies bronze silver gold platinum list how to earn
Redout 2 is dubbed as the fastest racing game in the universe. (Picture: Saber Interactive)
  • Redout Champion - Complete the Career.
  • This is to go, even Further Beyond! - Advance into SRRL league.
  • Better than half the studio... - Beat a lot of dev times.
  • Healthy competition - Win a multiplayer race.
  • New pro in town! - Win 50 multiplayer races.
  • Put a sign on it - Unlock every SIGNATURE module.
  • Fashion Racer - Unlock every aesthetic modification (module, livery, paintjob).
  • Beat you to it! - Win a race with a 0.01s lead.

Redout 2 Gold Trophy:

  • Redout Grandmaster - Complete all career events.

Redout 2 Platinum Trophy:

  • Redout 2 - Obtain all other trophies.

In case you have no clue what Redout 2 is, then strap in your seatbelt and watch the game's release trailer below, featuring blistering-fast gameplay!

So there you have it, the complete list of Redout 2 Trophies for PS4/PS5, or achievements for PC and Xbox consoles. The descriptions should help you earn every trophy or achievement in Redout 2. Good luck trying to earn them all!

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Featured image courtesy of Saber Interactive.