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Star Trek Online players pay tribute to the late Christopher Plummer

Players in Star Trek Online have gathered to pay tribute and celebrate the life of Christopher Plummer who played the role of General Chang.
On 5th February 2021, the Oscar-winning actor Christopher Plummer passed away at the age of 91. He was well known throughout his acting career (which spanned decades), from the likes of The Sound of Music to his performance in Beginners, where he won an Oscar for best supporting actor back in 2012. Star Trek fans, however, might know Christopher Plummer best as General Chang.

Star Trek Online: Tributes to Christopher Plummer

A great movie needs an iconic villain and Christopher Plummer delivered just that in Star Trek IV: The Undiscovered Country. In one of the better Star Trek films, he played the main antagonist General Chang.

Christopher Plummer later reprised the role for sim racer Star Trek: Klingon Academy in 2000, and voiced the role of Arngeir in Skyrim. 

Christopher Plummer Star Trek Online tribute death dies general chang(Picture: Star Trek Online)

The official Star Trek Online Twitter account explained his role of General Chang: "In the hands of a lesser actor, General Chang might have been a stereotype, a one note character. But Christopher Plummer brought a gravitas and a respect to the man that defined Klingons for ages to come. Rest in peace."


Paying tribute to Christopher Plummer, Star Trek Online players are coming together on services to celebrate his life and work. Fans invited others to join in the tribute on a Star Trek Online server.

These tributes to Christopher Plummer continues on, with players gathering at Deep Space 9 in-game

Christopher Plummer Star Trek Online tribute death dies general chang

(Picture: Grumpy Old Nord)

Players are seen holding torches in celebration of Christopher Plummer, and it is definitely a touching tribute to the famous actor.

Our thoughts go out to Cristopher Plummer's family. May he rest in peace.