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Steam bans games using crypto and NFTs

As the NFT gaming phenomenon continues to evolve, Valve has taken a definitive stand against it.
Steam bans games using crypto and NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) and cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking to merge their passion with gaming will have to look outside Steam to satisfy their fetish, as the Valve-owned company has banned all games that utilise them as rewards.

The news came after developers of Age of Rust revealed via social media that Steam will remove "all blockchain games" off the platform. Blockchain, for those unaware, refers to a system used by cryptocurrencies that keeps a record of transactions made and stores them in multiple computers for safety reasons.

"Steam's point of view is that items have value, and they don't allow items that can have real-world value on their platform. While I respect their choice, I fundamentally believe that NFTs and blockchain games are the future," the devs added.

crypto and nft
The NFT bros won't like this. (Picture: Age of Rust)

In recent months, with the rise of crypto and NFTs, game developers have turned towards these new digital currencies that, according to them, empower players, allowing them to monetise their accomplishments by taking part in the "decentralisation of assets."

One of the most notorious and well-known examples of this practice is Gods Unchained, a trading-card-game, which allows players to trade their NFT cards via a marketplace using the Ethereum cryptocurrency. 

gods unchained
Gods Unchained is one of the most popular blockchain games. (Picture: Gods Unchained)

NFTs have been heavily criticised for their environmental damage. According to digital artist Memo Akten, the average token has a carbon footprint equivalent to more than a month of electric usage by an average person living in the EU.

The future of NFT gaming remains to be seen, but until the ecological impact they have is addressed and now swept under the rug, we can't imagine a world in which they take off and replace the current landscape of games.

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Featured image courtesy of Steam.