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Steam had more gamers than ever over the weekend

Stream broke its own record of concurrent users from April of this year, largely thanks to Thanksgiving weekend, Steam Autumn Sale, and several popular game releases in November.
Steam had more gamers than ever over the weekend

The world's most popular PC gaming platform, Steam, reached another huge milestone over the weekend with gamers breaking the mark of 27 million concurrent users on Steam.

The exact number achieved was 27,384,959 users logged into Steam at the same time, according to SteamDB, which happened on Sunday, 28th November.

That's a million more people logged into Steam compared to the previous record from April of this year, which was 26,401,443 concurrent users.

Several factors contributed to this impressive record for Steam (and PC gaming in general), the biggest one being  Thanksgiving weekend in the US, with millions of people using their extra free time to play games with friends and family.

Steam had more gamers than ever over the weekend
The record number of concurrent Steam users has grown by over 8 million since the start of the pandemic. (Picture: SteamDB)

That was paired with the ongoing Steam Autumn Sale, which offers some of the biggest and most popular games from the past two years at a substantial discount, such as a 75% discount for DOOM Eternal, 63% for Jedi: Fallen Order, 70% for Death Stranding, 70% for Resident Evil 3, and many others.

Additionally, Cyberpunk 2077 is currently available for the lowest price since its release, resulting in many players using the opportunity to finally pick it up and try it, and apparently, new players seem to like the game - the most disappointing game of 2020 currently sits at a "Very Positive" score on Steam, a huge improvement thanks to the positive reviews from new players, a far cry from all the ridicule and criticism a year ago.

Steam had more gamers than ever over the weekend
Cyberpunk 2077 is currently one of the best-selling games on Steam, and the majority of new players are giving positive reviews. (Picture: Valve)

Finally, big November releases also helped in achieving this record, such as Halo Infinite, Battlefield 2042, Football Manager 2022, and Farming Simulator 22.

It should be noted that while this is a new record for the biggest number of simultaneously logged in users on Steam of all time, the record of the most in-game players hasn't been broken this Sunday when it peaked at 7.8 million, which is just below the record of 8.1 million from March of 2020.

Since the start of the pandemic in early 2020, Steam's concurrents record has been broken several times, including the break of the 20M mark in March of 2020.


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Featured image courtesy of Steam.