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Steam Game Squirrel With A Gun Is The Next Best Thing After Stray

If you enjoyed Stray or Cult of the Lamb, the latest indie game, Squirrel with a Gun, might pique your interest for the best reasons.
Steam Game Squirrel With A Gun Is The Next Best Thing After Stray

Throughout the past few weeks, animal-themed games have completely taken over gamers' lives. From cat adventures to raising a lamb-directed cult, these adorable games have captivated the hearts of many. But don't let these cute appearances fool you; these titles are pretty impressive and perplexing. One animal game that's been going viral is Daniel DeEntremont's indie title, Squirrel with a Gun.

Squirrel with a Gun is quite literally a game about a squirrel with a firearm who commits crimes. Imagine the movie, Over the Hedge, but more unhinged and focused on committing illegal acts. That's Squirrel with a Gun—a unique, hilarious concept of a game that might be the next best thing for animal lovers after Stray and Cult of the Lamb.

One Criminal Of A Squirrel Against Humanity

squirrel with a gun currently developing
Squirrel with a Gun is currently being developed. (Picture: Steam)

It's not surprising that games centered around animals take a liking across the gaming community. I mean, who can resist cats in and of themselves, let alone a squirrel? It may seem a bizarre game at first, but Squirrel with a Gun is a title that's excited gamers, including us, for the best reasons.

As a sandbox game where players can control the outcome of their gameplay, Squirrel with a Gun focuses on exploring the world within and shooting combat.

More so, stealing from establishments while shooting or protecting yourself from random encounters with Agents looking to stop you. Squirrel with a Gun's entire gist is about either robbing people for goodies or talking to neighborhood residents to get goodies. 

as squirrel rob people goodies
As a squirrel, you can rob people to get goodies. (Picture: Steam)

In your squirrel form, you'll have access to various weapons and be able to deflect Agents' melee attacks by disarming them at the right moment.

Additionally, with your tiny feet and hands, you must traverse suburban streets by moving naturally like a squirrel.

But your gun is the ladder to solve your problems for the heights you can't reach. You can use the force of your weapon recoil to propel yourself upwards and across large gaps.

An Odd, Yet Hilarious Game One Should Wishlist

squirrel with a gun shoot various weapons pistol
In Squirrel with a Gun, you can shoot various weapons like submachine guns or pistols. (Picture: Steam)

As of writing, there hasn't been much detail on Squirrel with a Gun's release or much gameplay besides the footage provided a few weeks ago about the game's progress.

But the game still looks promising in its current stage, considering it's being developed in Unreal Engine 5. 

Squirrel with a Gun isn't flashy or pretending to be something else. It's a simple game about a squirrel robbing people, which is really funny and adorable.

squirrel with a gun developed gameplay teaser massive views youtube
Squirrel with a Gun is still being developed, but its gameplay teaser has already surpassed forty-five thousand views on YouTube. (Picture: Steam)

In this simplicity, the game's amassed thousands of gamers waiting for its release, including us. And for those looking for a reason not to play it, there aren't many. You get what you see, and what you get is a Squirrel with a Gun. 

If you enjoyed Stray or the most recently released Cult of the Lamb, Squirrel with a Gun might pique your interest. The game's currently on Steam for those wanting to wishlist it. But keep an eye out for more development updates on Daniel DeEntremont Twitter.

Here's some gameplay footage of Squirrel with a Gun below.

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Feature image courtesy of Steam.