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Kimberly And Juri To Join Street Fighter 6 Roster

Capcom has revealed two more characters, Kimberly and Juri, who are set to join the Street Fighter 6 roster.
Kimberly And Juri To Join Street Fighter 6 Roster

Formally revealed at the PlayStation 2022 June State of Play, Street Fighter 6 has been generating quite a bit of buzz amongst eager fans of the popular series. In an effort to build up the hype even further Capcom has been slowly unveiling bits of information regarding the roster of fighters that players will have to choose from upon the official SF6 release.

The recent most fighters have now been officially announced by Capcom and fans around the world are delighted with the results. Check out all the details here as Kimberly and Juri are set to join the Street Fighter 6 roster.

Kimberly and Juri joining Street Fighter 6 roster

Juri Street Fighter 6 roster
Juri is officially joining the Street Fighter 6 roster. (Picture: Capcom)

The Kimberly and Juri character additions to the Street Fighter 6 roster were made official by game developers Capcom on 8th August via an official PlayStation blog post. Both characters provide a different background, as many fans will remember one of the fighters from a previous title.

Juri first appeared in Street Fighter 4, though she will be slightly re-worked in her SF6 edition. Slight cosmetic tweaks including changes to Juri's bike helmet and jacket will certainly provide an exciting refresh. Additionally, her playstyle has been adjusted with the implementation of some new special moves.

Kimberly is a newcomer in the Street Fighter series and looks to be an exciting addition to the roster. She is a US-based character whose lore suggests she was a top student from Guy of Final Fight. According to the official blog post, Kimberly appears to be an assassin-like hit-and-run character who will do well to utilize "running and airborne attacks."

You can have a look for yourself at the official unveil trailer below for Kimberly and Juri in Street Fighter 6.

That's everything you'll need to know for now about Juri and Kimberly joining the Street Fighter 6 roster.

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom.