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Street Fighter 6 - Release date, platforms, modes, roster, more

What we know about Street Fighter 6 (SF6) including the release date, platforms, roster, game modes and more.
Street Fighter 6 - Release date, platforms, modes, roster, more

Capcom stole the show on the 2nd June Sony State of Play. Not only did the Japanese company reveal the rumoured Resident Evil 4 Remake but they also unveiled a ton of information regarding the upcoming Street Fighter 6.

While the game was confirmed with a small teaser trailer beforehand, Capcom lifted the curtain on gameplay, certain modes players can expect, a tentative release date, and even the platforms it'll be available. Much to the rejoice of fighting game fans, SF6 will no longer be PlayStation exclusive. 

There's an overload of Street Fighter 6 information to go through so let's not keep you waiting. 

Street Fighter 6 - Release date and platforms

street fighter 6
SF6 will no longer be PlayStation exclusive. (Picture: Capcom)

Unlike Street Fighter V, which was partially funded by Sony due to Capcom's struggling financial situation, SF6 will no longer be a PlayStation exclusive.

Fans from different platforms can expect to enjoy Street Fighter 6 in current-gen and even old hardware as it will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series XIS, and PC.

As for a launch date, the only thing Capcom mentioned is that SF6 will release at some point during 2023. 

Street Fighter 6 - Modes

SF6 is looking to make right by both casual and veteran fighting game players offering plenty of modes to enjoy the game.

So far, three have been revealed.

  • Fighting Ground
  • Battle Hub
  • World Tour

Limited information is known about each, but we have some notions regarding what to expect. For instance, World Tour will be a robust single-player experience like we've never seen in a Street Fighter game before. 

The Battle Hub seems like an online lobby for all the game's offerings in this department. Expect the usual lobby system, matchmaking options, and other stuff yet to be revealed.

Finally, Fighting Ground is where you'll find all classic Street Fighter modes in one place, including Arcade Mode, online matches, Training Mode, local versus battles, and more.

Street Fighter 6 - Roster

chun li sf6
Chun-Li received an incredible redesign for Street Fighter 6. (Picture: Capcom)

As it's common, a new Street Fighter will have a mix of returning fan-favourite and newcomers. So far, only four characters have been confirmed, two legacy ones, and some brand-new ones.

  • Ryu
  • Chun-Li
  • Luke
  • Jamie

While Luke debuted in Street Fighter V, developers said he'll play a key role in 6's story moving forward. We'll update this page as more fighters are confirmed. 

Street Fighter 6 - Controls

In order to accommodate more casual players or those that have some kind of disability, Capcom will implement a new modern control scheme. 

Street Fighter is known as a six-button fighting game, Modern will simplify so that only three buttons for Low, Medium and Heavy hits can be pressed. There will also be an auto combo option in the same vein as Dragon Ball FighterZ.

controls sf6
Modern and Classic controls will coexist in Street Fighter 6. (Picture: Capcom)

Street Fighter 6 - Drive system

The Drive system will be SF6's main gimmick this time around. It is a versatile technique that can be used in five different ways with various degrees of applications, risks, and rewards. 

The five ways in which you can use the drive system are: 

  • Drive Impact - A powerful strike that can absorb an opponent’s incoming attack.
    Perform this on an opponent backed into the corner to induce a wall splat, even if they block the attack.
  • Drive Parry - Automatically repel an opponent’s attack and replenish Drive when performed successfully. Perform a Perfect Parry by parrying just before an opponent’s attack hits you.
  • Overdrive - Press two of the same button type instead of one when performing a special move to turn it into an Overdrive Art. These are the same attacks as EX Special Moves in past games.
  • Drive Rush - Perform a quick rush forward from a Drive Parry or a cancelable normal attack. Drive Rush from a parry costs 1 Drive Stock, while Drive Rush from a normal attack costs 3 Drive Stocks.
  • Drive Reversal - Perform a counterattack while blocking an opponent’s attack. The damage is low but can help you out of tight situations when you’re being pressured.

We'll have more detailed guides of all new systems in due time so stick around!

For more on all things fighting games and Street Fighter related, check out our dedicated section filled with tournament results, tier lists, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Capcom.