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Switch Online Expansion Pack gets bombed, after shocking price and content reveal

Nintendo has revealed the shocking official prices and benefits for their Switch Online Expansion Pack, something that has made players angry and disappointed.
Switch Online Expansion Pack gets bombed, after shocking price and content reveal

The latest Animal Crossing direct was a rollercoaster for Nintendo fans, as the Japanese developer revealed everything about the last major update for New Horizons, releasing worldwide this 5th November.

On top of this update full of content, features, locations and more, Nintendo announced the final pricing and release date for the new Expansion Pack for their Switch Online subscription.

Switch Online’s Expansion Pass price rises concerns

In case you missed the first reveal, Nintendo’s official online service is set to receive a new membership plan, allowing players to play Nintendo 64 plus Sega Genesis games in the Nintendo Switch for the first time, answering the prays of many players around the world.

Switch Online Nintendo 64 catalogue
Switch Online's Nintendo 64 catalogue includes classics like Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Mario Kart 64. (Picture: Nintendo)

However, following the 15th October's announcement it seems it won’t have many fans as the pricing for this new plan known as the “Expansion Pack” has been set to $49.99 per year in its individual plan, while its family membership will run for $79.99, or the equivalent depending on your region. 

For comparison, their current individual plans have a cost of $12.99 per year, while its family plan has a cost of $34.99, meaning the new expansion plan will cost more than double that the current memberships available.

This has left players both disappointed and concerned after the unexpected price tag, as according to the initial catalogue and the benefits included in this new plan, the cost revealed isn’t worth it for many.

Besides, there is another reason that explains the price increase, which has also left many wondering wondering if this deal is even worth it at all -- Animal Crossing's DLC.

AC: New Horizons paid DLC, Happy Home Paradise

At the end of the presentation of the 2.0 update, Nintendo took the opportunity to showcase what will be the first and only paid DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Happy Home Paradise.

Switch Online Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing's new DLC will be included "for free" with Switch Online's Expansion Pack plan. (Picture: Nintendo)

This DLC is set to include many tools for all those hardcore and creative fans, as it will unlock access to a new area called the “Paradise Archipelago,” a place where players will be able to design dream vacation homes and even places like schools, a restaurants, cafeterias, and more.

A weird thing about this DLC is that it will be available as an extra benefit of the Expansion Pack, however, if a player doesn’t have the game purchased or if playing Animal Crossing is not something they're interested in, it will be a waste of money more than a "benefit".

This opinion has been shared by many players and followers of the Big N, who through the comments of the video reveal on YouTube have shown their total discontent, adding that its current like counter has more than 12 thousand dislikes, being more than a half of the reactions to the video.

Switch Online feedback
Players and Nintendo fans have shown their negative feedback against the Expansion Pack through social media. (Picture: YouTube)

So far, Nintendo hasn’t made any statement about this wave of negative reactions, so we will have to wait if there will be any adjustments to this new membership in the next few days, as the new plan is scheduled to launch on 25th October.

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Feature image courtesy of Nintendo.