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Sora in Smash Ultimate: Release date, cost, moveset, and more

After much anticipation, Masahiro Sakurai finally unveiled the final Smash Ultimate DLC.
Sora in Smash Ultimate: Release date, cost, moveset, and more

Three years and two fighter passes later, it seems the cycle of new content for the gaming behemoth that is Smash Ultimate has finally come to an end with the reveal of Sora as the last character.

Perhaps the most requested character in the history of Smash Bros, series creator Masahiro Sakurai confirmed it was a legal nightmare to get Sora to join due to being tied with Disney. 

In fact, despite characters like Donald Duck and Goofy becoming an integral part of Kingdom Hearts' lore and Sora's journey, neither was anywhere to be seen during the presentation outside the fact of confirming Kingdom Hearts games coming to Nintendo Switch.

Sora in Smash Ultimate - Release date and time

Yes, he's finally here. (Picture: Nintendo)

Sora, which was leaked days before the reveal, will be available from 18th October, however, the specific time for his release has yet to be revealed. 

Sora in Smash Ultimate - Cost

Sora will have a unique stage and plenty of music. (Picture: Nintendo)

As per usual, players that wish to acquire the DLC will have to fork out $5.99 USD or the equivalent depending on your region. On top of Kazuya, you'll receive his stage and a handful of Kingdom Hearts tracks.

Alternatively, players who purchased the Fighters Pass Vol 2. valued at $29.99 will just have to wait until Sora becomes available to download this 18th October

Sora in Smash Ultimate - Moveset

Sakurai confirmed Sora will be a relatively easy character to master, with a simple moveset and with very powerful smash attacks, familiar special to those that have played Ultimate before, including a counter.

If you want to see more about Sora, check out Masahiro Sakurai's breakdown down below.


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Featured image courtesy of Nintendo.