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The Ascent: How to find Taoka in Lost and Found mission

Figure out how to topple one of The Ascent’s more confusing missions.
The Ascent: How to find Taoka in Lost and Found mission

The main story of The Ascent doesn’t take players too long. The full mission list comes in at around 30+ quests but over half of those are considered side content. For the main story, players are looking at 12 quests. 

Most of the game’s quests are straightforward and can be completed with not much of an issue. The random encounters from ambushes can be frustrating but other than that, the quests don’t present much of a problem. 

Of course, this all grinds to a halt when players get to the Lost and Found mission. One of the main objectives in the quest is to find Taoka, and players simply have no idea where he is on the map. To complete Lost and Found and move on with The Ascent, keep reading below.

Completing Lost and Found in The Ascent 

the ascent lost and found
The Ascent is a new ARPG from Neon Giant. (Picture: Neon Giant)

The first parts of Lost and Found are fairly easy to complete. The first step is to speak with Raphael in Karma Logistics. Next, a cutscene will roll and you will travel to Tham’s Gate to take on the remaining steps of the quest. 

After sifting through Raphael’s Bags and defeating waves of enemies, you’ll be directed to find Taoka at the Dream World Club in the CorpZone. While every objective prior to this gave players a clear waypoint, this part of the quest doesn’t. You’re left hat-in-hand trying to figure out exactly where Taoka is on the map. 

Before this quest, players have likely never even heard of the Dream World Club in The Ascent. This is because, in order to get there, you have to complete Foreign Code first, which is the game’s sixth main story mission.

the ascent lost and found how to complete
Foreign Code is the one prerequisite for Lost and Found. (Picture: Neon Giant)

As such, players can’t complete Lost and Found until they’ve completed Foreign Cod, which means attending to the main story up to its halfway point. Once you’ve done this main quest, you can travel to the Dream World Club, find Taoka and then complete Lost and Found with ease.  


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