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How Many Endings Does Thymesia Have?

Team17's newest souls-like game Thymesia has an intense, hard-hitting storyline. Here are all the endings and how to unlock them.
How Many Endings Does Thymesia Have?

Overboarder Studios and Team17's latest souls-like RPG Thymesia releases on 18th August 2022 and has already attracted massive interest worldwide. The game is hard-hitting and fast-paced, featuring an intense storyline with multiple endings.

Playing as Corvus, players will seek out the scattered memories of his past while treading through the plagued kingdom of Hermes. Battling individuals corrupted by alchemy and grotesque monsters, you must assist Corvus in finding a cure to end Hermes' suffering. In this guide, we’ll detail all the endings in Thymesia, including how to get them and the true ending.

Thymesia - All endings and how to get them

There are five different endings players can get in Thymesia. To unlock these endings, players must defeat at least four of the eight bosses in the game. Each boss will drop a Core; combining various Cores will allow players to unlock different endings. 

We've listed each of these Thymesia endings below, briefly explaining how to achieve them.

Harmonized Forces 

all endings thymesia revealed Harmonized Force
Harmonized Force Ending in Thymesia. (Picture: YouTube / Dan Allen Gaming)

Players must use the following Core combinations to get a good ending in Thymesia: Mutated Odur’s Core and The Hanged Queen’s Core. In this ending, Corvus has died, and the effects of Hermes Answer have left the kingdom in perfect balance and harmony.

Those who used alchemy gradually lost their powers, and the citizens began rebuilding the empire. Although the plague still looms over the kingdom of Hermes, alchemy has never been the problem. Instead, it's the individuals who were corrupted by their greed that abused this power.

Blessing of Vile Blood

Blessing of Vile Blood ending thymesia
Blessing of Vile Blood ending in Thymesia. (Picture: YouTube / Dan Allen Gaming)

Blessing of Vile Blood is a typical ending that players can get in Thymesia; players can unlock this ending by combining the following Cores: Odur’s Core and Fool’s God’s Core. In this ending, the kingdom has been cured of the plague. However, humans slowly grow even more unrecognizable and monsters have become increasingly ferocious. It's unclear what has become of Corvus, although the state of his weapon suggests something more sinister, like a dark evolution.

Blessing of Pure Blood

Blessing of Pure Blood ending in Thymesia
Blessing of Pure Blood ending in Thymesia. (Picture: YouTube / Dan Allen Gaming)

This is another regular ending that players can unlock by combining the Varg’s Core and Urd’s Core. In this Thymesia ending, the plague has been cured, and all monsters have perished. However, although the blessed grow stronger, monsters now take on a human-like form.

Alchemical sciences and those who lust for its power continue to grow increasingly ambitious. As a result, with the knowledge obtained from Hermes Answer, Corvus and his companion Aisemy leave the kingdom before another catastrophe happens again.

Chaotic Power

Chaotic Power ending thymesia all endings
Chaotic Power ending in Tymesia. (Picture: YouTube / Dan Allen Gaming)

To get the bad ending in Thymesia, use Fool’s God’s Core and Mutated Odur’s Core combinations. In this ending of Thymesia, Hermes Answer had an adverse effect on humanity and the environment. Some individuals were cured while others were corrupted and turned into monsters. Furthermore, due to the effects of Hermes Answer, an unknown and chaotic power began to corrupt the land and each individual in it.

Pure and Vile Blood (True ending)

Pure and Vile Blood true Thymesia endings
Pure and Vile Blood true ending in Thymesia. (Picture: YouTube / Dan Allen Gaming)

To achieve the true ending of Thymesia, use the combinations Mutated Odur’s Core and The Hanged Queen’s Core. Although the plague has not been eradicated, Corvus is dead. Still, his memory lives on as a giant tree spreads throughout the land, reminding the citizens of alchemy's dangers. 

And that's everything you need to know about the upcoming Thymesia game, including all its endings and how to get them.

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Featured image courtesy of Team17.