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Thymesia Plague Weapons Guide - How To Get And Upgrade

Thymesia has a plethora of powerful Plague Weapons that players can unlock and upgrade using Skill Shards to make them even stronger.
Thymesia Plague Weapons Guide - How To Get And Upgrade

Thymesia is the new gothic post-apocalyptic Souls-like game from Overborder Studios and Team17, so players can expect to battle many deadly (or undeadly) creatures in the game. Fortunately, there are several powerful Plague Weapons for players to obtain and upgrade, some more easily acquired than others.

Naturally, upgrading Plague Weapons will drastically boost its damage potential, allowing you to progress further and unlock all the trophies and achievements in the game. This guide details all the methods you can get and upgrade Plague Weapons in Thymesia, including everything to know about Skill Shards.

Thymesia - How to unlock Plague Weapons

There are two methods to get Plague Weapons in Thymesia: The first method is by stealing the weapon from your enemy (also called "Reaving"), and the second is by farming them by defeating certain enemies or bosses in the game.

thymesia how to get plague weapons farming
Most players will acquire Plague Weapons by farming them from enemies. (Picture: Team17)

In the first instance, you will need to charge up your Ravenclaw attack, grab the enemy and pull the Plague Weapon off that enemy. Unfortunately, these weapons are temporary, so they aren't reliable options for most players.

In the second instance, you will need to obtain three Skill Shards specific to a Plague Weapon before you can unlock it; these will drop after the enemy wielding the weapon is defeated. Once you have three Skill Shards, you can unlock the Plague Weapon via a Beacon or at Philosopher's Hill.

You will presumably need to fight bosses multiple times to acquire enough Skill Shards to unlock their Plague Weapon drops in Thymesia. It's also worth noting that Skill Shards drop randomly upon the death of killing enemies or bosses -- the rate at which these drops may depend on the enemy slain.

As you might imagine, you likely won't have any Plague Weapons at the start of Thymesia. But don't worry; your hard work and dedication will eventually pay off. Lastly, some weapons may include additional variations called Extended Actions; these are only unlocked when the weapon is fully maxed out. You can use Extended Actions only once the weapon is maxed out. 

Thymesia - How to upgrade Plague Weapons

Upgrading Plague Weapons in Thymesia also requires Skill Shards. Typically speaking, the more advanced the weapon upgrade, the more Skill Shards you'll need to spend. Depending on which Plague Weapon you're upgrading in Thymesia will largely influence how many Skill Shards you'll require; however, in most cases, the upgrade will be worth it, offering you damage buffs or perks.

skill shards thymesia how to upgrade plague weapons
You will need 3 Skill Shards per weapon to max out your Plague weapons. (Picture: Team17)

Notably, you can equip a maximum of three skill upgrades (or "Talents") per Plague Weapon; upgrading these will also require Skill Shards specific to the weapon. Most starting players will only be able to equip two skills, each consuming a temporary and permanent slot (assuming they've completed the tutorial). However, you can unlock a third (permanent) slot later in the game (Plague Weapon Level 2).

Thymesia - List of all Plague Weapons 

all plague weapons in thymesia
There are a large variety of Plague Weapons to choose from in Thymesia. (Picture: Team17)

There are at least 21 weapons in Thymesia; these include various boss weapons you acquire throughout the game. We've listed each of the Plague Weapons in Thymesia below.

  1. Handaxe - Flying Axe *

  2. Knife - Blitz Attack

  3. Halberd - Sweep Attack *

  4. Shield -  Shield Attack 

  5. Bow - Rapid Fire *

  6. Scythe - Double Slash *

  7. Hammer - Whirlwind *

  8. Flying Daggers - Bullseye

  9. Katar - Leap

  10. Fist - Air Attack

  11. Whip - Pulling *

  12. Greatsword - Horizontal slash *

  13. Twin Swords - Rushing Slash 

  14. Blood Blade - Blood Strike 

  15. Miasma - Phantom Slash 

  16. Fool’s Punch - Slam

  17. Mutated Tentacles - Relentless Attacks 

  18. Blood Storm - Roar

  19. Vile Blood Shield - Revitalizing 

  20. Giant Sword - Final Combo

  21. Javelin Sword - Energy Explosion 

We've noted some of the best and strongest Plague Weapons in Thymesia with an asterisk (*) in the list above; consider giving these weapon options a try. And that's everything you need to know about obtaining and upgrading Plague Weapons in Thymesia.

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Featured image courtesy of Team17.