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Tribes of Midgard Bifrost: How to use it

Tribes of Midgard can be a very challenging game as you are always in fear of losing your progress. Thankfully, Bifrost can help you mitigate this issue, and this guide will help you to understand how Bifrost works and when to use it.
Tribes of Midgard Bifrost: How to use it
Tribes of Midgard is a game that mixes elements of several genres in order to create an appealing and challenging experience.

At its core, it is an action RPG co-op game, but it also includes a lot of survival mechanics, and even some Tower Defence elements, as one of the player's main goals is to defend their village from the hordes that are invading it in waves.

It offers a lot of challenges and it will definitely test your skills, but if that's not enough, Tribes of Midgard also acts like a rogue-lite game, as often players won't be able to save their progress at the right moment, which can lead to losing everything.
The risk of losing your progress poses a constant danger, but thankfully, that's where Bifrost jumps in.

What is Bifrost in Tribes of Midgard?

Bifrost in Tribes of Midgard how to use
(Picture: Gearbox)

Bifrost is a feature that will let you finish your run and save your progress before you finish the game or die (your village being destroyed).

Runs in Tribes of Midgard don't have your usual "save and exit" feature, but since players (mostly) can't play through the whole game all in one sitting, there has to be a way to save your progress, and it comes in the form of Bifrost.

How to unlock Bifrost?

Unfortunately, Bifrost isn't available until you survive the first three days and defeat the Giant boss on Day 3.

You and your teammates (if you play co-op) will need to survive the first three days and once the boss is dead, Bifrost will appear on the world map.

You just need to check your map and you will notice a crown-like icon. The location where it appears is always random, but you will no need to go far away from the village, as it is usually somewhere close.

How and when to use Bifrost?

Bifrost in Tribes of Midgard how to use
If your village gets destroyed, you are losing everything (Picture: Gearbox)

Bifrost is a very valuable resource, as it allows you to essentially escape from the game before you die and it secures everything you have earned in that run, most importantly all Golden Horns.

With those Golden Horns, you can then buy upgrades and gear that will help you to eventually beat the game.

If you don't finish your game in this way, and instead your village is being destroyed, you will lose all your Golden Horns.

With that in mind, the best moment to use Bifrost is when you feel that the game is becoming too hard and unbeatable, and you are certain that the next siege will be deadly for you and the village.

Just make sure not to be overconfident, thinking that you can survive another day of attacks, as you will lose everything. You can always come back next time with better gear.

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