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All Two Point Campus Creativity Tools Explained

Two Point Campus has many new creative tools for players to build unique structures and paths. In this guide, we explain all of them.
All Two Point Campus Creativity Tools Explained

Two Point Campus is a new indie management simulation game from developers Two Point Studios, the same group renowned for the acclaimed video game Two Point Hospital.

Releasing on 9th August 2022 for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation, and Microsoft Windows, Two Point Campus lets players build the university of their dreams, hire staff members, and run their very own academic institution.

In this guide, we’ll explain all the new creativity tools available to players in Two Point Campus, allowing them to get an edge in building their new unique educational masterpiece with zero fuss.

Two Point Campus - All New Creativity Tools

In a recent blog post, the developers explained that they put a lot of work into ensuring Two Point Campus would give players more creative freedom to build unique creations. This came after many players felt "a bit restrictive" playing Two Point Hospital.

Accordingly, the developers introduced all-new creative tools to allow players to truly build the campus of their dreams. So, without further ado, here are all the new creative tools in Two Point Campus.


two point campus building creative tool explained
You can create any building from scratch or buy a pre-existing building. (Picture: Sega)

In Two Point Campus, the placement of buildings is completely up to the player. Each level unlocks different plots of land; once unlocked, players can either buy a pre-existing building or an empty plot of land. This can later be edited or deleted at any time. Players can also create new rooms, extend buildings, or alter the building's layout without disrupting any students. 

Outside Creativity

There are various ways players can customize their campus grounds. For example, players can create forests, rose gardens, and a community vegetable garden for the students. There are several new features in Two Point Campus, too; these include new types of trees, rocks, plants, fountains, statues, and even food trucks. Additional customization, such as changing the flora's color, is also possible.


landscaping paths terrain tool two point campus creative tools explained
Create unique paving designs for your students with the Paths and Terrain Tool. (Picture: Sega)

Players can now also customize the grounds around their campus and not only the inside of buildings. For example, players can create unique pavestone designs and pathways for their students. Among the new features is the ability to change freshly cut grass into dirt, rough grass, or even small pebbles for a different aesthetic. 

This is a really cool tool to use when creating high-density areas where students frequently congregate, such as making the ground area more worn out to show how often students use that specific area. The possibilities are seemingly endless!

Procedural Hedges and Fences

hedges two point campus creative tools
Use your creativity to create hedge mazes for your students to enjoy. (Picture: Sega)

In Two Point Campus, players can now create fenced-off areas if they don’t want their students accessing certain sites. Players can also create hedges, private gardens, or queues for food trucks; they can even generate hedge mazes for students to enjoy fun activities. 

Photo Mode

Finally, thanks to the new addition of Photo Mode, players can share their creations and customizations in online forums or even on social media. As Photo Mode is still a new feature to the game, further customizations could be on the way if players enjoy this exciting new feature.

And that concludes our guide explaining all the creative tools. Two Point Campus releases on 9th August 2022 for Microsoft Windows PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch; the game is also available on Xbox Gamepass.

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Featured image courtesy of Sega.