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Valheim: How to beat Eikthyr, the first boss

A guide on how to defeat Eikthyr, the first boss in Valheim. Strategy, items, weaknesses, and more.
Valheim: How to beat Eikthyr, the first boss

So you've just started playing Valheim, making your nice little home in the wilderness and thinking that the game isn't that hard?

And then all of a sudden, you'll need to face-off Eikthyr, a huge and mighty stag wrapped with chains and with electrified antlers.

Although Eikthyr is "just " the first boss, when you start playing the game this encounter won't be easy at all if you are not properly prepared.

Beating Eikthyr is mandatory because once you beat him, he will drop Hard antler, which you will need in order to craft Antler Pickaxe, one of the first tools in the game.

Here's what you should do in order to make sure you are ready to defeat him.

The Eikthyr fight equipment and items

valheim Eikthyr how to beat
(Picture: Iron Gate AB)

The best way to defeat Eikthyr is with a starting Wood shield and Flint spear.

However, this fight can be rather tricky, so we do recommend to craft some armour as well.

Ideally, you will want to have a full set of leather armour before going to fight with Eikthyr.

  • Leather Helmet
  • Leather Tunic 
  • Leather Pants

While you can beat Eikthyr with just a spear, it is much easier and safer to defeat him with the Crude Bow, so we recommend you to craft a Bow and around ~1500 basic arrows.

Make sure that your character is well-rested and sleep through the night before the battle.

Eat a good meal before the battle, with a variety of food for maximum health and stamina: 1 cooked meat, 1 grilled neck tail, and 1 raspberry or mushroom.

Also, make sure to have food with you ready in the battle as well.

How to summon and where to find Eikthyr

valheim Eikthyr summoning location
Eikthyr's Sacrificial Stone (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

Eikthyr can be summoned at the Mystical altar, which is located in the Meadows biome.

For that purpose of summoning Eikthyr, you will need to offer 2 Deer Trophies, which you can get by killing deers.

Items which you offer at Mystical Altar must be equipped (1-8 Hotbar).

You will notice a small glowing rock left of Eikthyr's Sacrificial Stone, and once you interact with it, a new icon on the map will appear which shows the location of Eikthyr's summoning altar.

How to beat the first Valheim boss Eikthyr

valheim Eikthyr how to beat and summon
A huge storm AoE is one of his three attacks (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

Eikthyr has three types of attacks:

  • Ranged Lightning Attack.
  • A huge AoE lightning attack.
  • A melee diving attack with his antlers.

If you are well equipped, rested and have eaten proper food, you should not have too many issues with him.

Watch his patterns, avoid his attacks and keep distance while shooting him with arrows. While arrows are not as efficient in chipping off his Health as a spear, you will still beat him rather quickly with this technique, while being safe at the same time.

And that's it, congrats on beating your first boss in Valheim! Make sure to collect his drops, Hard antler and Eikthyr Trophy, and good luck in your next adventure!