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Valheim: Where to find Iron, all Iron tools, and more

To survive in this multiplayer RPG, you'll need to learn how to make the most out of iron and we're here to help.
Valheim: Where to find Iron, all Iron tools, and more

Valheim, the latest craze to storm the gaming world, has a ton of gameplay mechanics in place to keep players engaged and coming back to its vast procedural generated maps.

To make it through this survival multiplayer title, you'll need to know where to find precious resources, as well as make the most of them via crafting. One of the most important ones is Iron.

In this guide, we'll help you locate the best spots to farm Iron in Valheim and give you some tips so you can get the most out of it.

Without further ado, let's get started.

Where to find Iron in Valheim

One of the best ways to get yourself some Iron involves killing the second major boss of the game, The Elder, as it will drop a specific item you absolutely need, a swamp key.

Once you get the key in your possession, head out and search the swamp biome. In the biome, keep your eyes peeled for a stone made door with two torches lighting it up, this is the entrance to the Sunkey Crypts, the place where you'll find Iron.

how to find iron valheim
(Image: Iron Gate AB)

Be careful, as inside the crypt you'll find enemies that can poison you, it is recommended you bring melee weapons like a maze to deal with them. 

Once you clear out the enemies, you can mine for items like Iron ore, Leather scraps, and Withered bone, an item you need to summon the third boss of the game, so be sure to stock on those while farming Iron.

It's worth mentioning that you need at least a Bronze Pickaxe to mine these items, so don't forget to craft one before venturing into the dangerous swamp.

While this isn't the only place to get Iron, it's definitely your best bet for farming faster, there is another way to get your hands on Iron involving Meteor Crates, however, you are not guaranteed to get the drops you need and they are protected by Surtlings.

iron ore valheim
(Image: Iron Gate AB)

Once you stack up on Iron, it's time to craft some of the most useful tools in the game. As a reminder, you need to build two things prior to this, a Forge and a Smelter.

For the Forge you need:

  • Stone x 4
  • Coal x 4
  • Wood x 10
  • Copper x 6

And the Smelter:

  • Stone x20
  • Surtling core x5

How to craft Iron tools 

forge valheim
(Image: Iron Gate AB)

You got the Iron, Smelter, and Forge all sorted, it's time to smelt the Iron, which is an easy process. Simply feed the Smelter the Iron scraps/ore you want to turn into Iron bars, keep in mind that you need Coal for it to function.

With that out of the way, time for you to know, how many Iron bars do you need for all the tools? Here's the full breakdown.

Iron Longsword

  • Wood x 2
  • Iron x 25

Iron Axe

  • Wood x4
  • Iron x 15

Iron Pickaxe

  • Wood x3
  • Iron x 15

Take for instance the Longsword, it can one-hit kill a Greydwarf, and it can hit three at a time with the swing blow. On the other hand, both the Axe and Pickaxe have a 20 Pierce stat.

If you want more help with crafting other tools besides the Iron ones, head out to our dedicated crafting guide which covers everything you need to know.