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What is Kingdom Hearts Missing Link?

Square Enix just unveiled its latest upcoming mobile game, Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link. Here's everything you need to know.
What is Kingdom Hearts Missing Link?

Popular ARPG Kingdom Hearts recently celebrated its 20th anniversary after being universally adored by fans since its release in 2002. Now, twenty years later, developers Square Enix stunned fans when they revealed the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4, the final update for Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road, along with a brand-new mobile game, Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link. Here's everything you need to know about the newest entry to the franchise.

What is Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link?

Organization XIII character Kingdom Hearts Missing Link
unknown Organisation XIII Character in Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link. (Picture: Square Enix)

For those uninitiated, Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link is a new mobile game from Square Enix, launching on Android and iOS. There is no confirmed release date yet, but the game will feature an original story, unlike its predecessors. Also, instead of being turn-based like Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road, the game will be an action fighter, similar to the console entries. 

The game will also feature spoken dialogue and not just text like other Kingdom Hearts mobile games. Perhaps most excitingly, the game will be multiplayer enabled, giving players the chance to take down the heartless with their friends, a feature we're excited to try out. 

Based on the trailer, we've seen both familiar and unfamiliar characters return. For example, a character dressed in all black wielding the "No Name" Keyblade is seen at the beginning and is likely a member of organisation XIII, a faction that serves as the antagonists in previous Kingdom Hearts games. 

Beyond this, we are also introduced to a new face. In particular, this unnamed character is seen dressed in white, wielding a Keyblade and appears to be the main protagonist of the new game. The character makes his way through Scala ad Caelum, taking out the Heartless as he moves along.

Character abilities in Kingdom Hearts Missing Link
Example of unique character abilities in Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link. (Picture: Square Enix)

We also see the characters from previous entries appear in small pop-up animations whenever characters use special abilities, as seen above with the appearance of Aqua. Indeed, this suggests that players could use different characters' abilities like the Sora or Aqua abilities. Though it's just a theory, we think it would be pretty cool to build on abilities you want to use and upgrade ones you like.  

The trailer also revealed Brain, a character from Kingdom Hearts: Union X. This serves as evidence that this game might contain characters from that game, potentially (hopefully) answering some of the many questions fans still have about the series. 

We remain hopeful that Square Enix will release more information about Kingdom Hearts Missing Link as the year goes on. We will also be receiving a closed beta later this year that we hope will reveal more about the gameplay and story behind this new title.

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link will launch on Android and Apple iOS devices.


Featured Image courtesy of Square Enix