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What is the official release date for Splitgate after the beta?

The full release for Splitgate is sooner than some players might think.
What is the official release date for Splitgate after the beta?

Update: Splitgate's full release has again been pushed forward but no fixed date of release has been given. This is owing to the server issues caused by the huge influx of players. For more on that story check out our latest Splitgate release story.


Over the last month, 1047 Games’ portal shooter Splitgate has seen record-breaking numbers. It was initially released in the summer of 2019 but found its feet in the here and now. So many players are trying to queue up that it often takes close to an hour to join a lobby upon startup. 

Whether it’s the failing state of Warzone or players hearing about the game from streamers, Splitgate has taken off in the summer of 2021. It’s gone through multiple iterations, from being named Splitgate: Arena Warfare to releasing on consoles in July, leading to where it is now. It’s often described as Halo meets Portal and that’s an apt description. Players are thoroughly enjoying the fast-paced gameplay that has a high skill ceiling but great enjoyment levels for all players. 

The game is currently in its beta phase and while there’s a plethora of content, like a battle pass and Referral Code system, players want to know when it’s going to fully release. Fortunately, the day isn’t too far off. 

Splitgate’s full release date 

Splitgate release date
Splitgate has seen tremendous growth during its beta. (Picture: 1047 Games)

Currently, the official release date for Splitgate is unknown. However, the developers have stated that they hope to fully release the game later in August 2021. Though the exact day isn’t yet known, players are enjoying the extra content they’re receiving in Splitgate as a result of the extended beta phase. 

1047 Games has released several new maps and skins during the extended beta phase. Players also still have the ability to work their way through the battle pass. This extension was put in place to give the developers more time to fix the servers, which have seen a huge influx of players that the devs weren’t ready for. 

Splitgate battle pass out of beta
Splitgate features a full-fledged battle pass and cosmetic system. (Picture: 1047 Games)

Whenever the game does fully release, players will be able to keep the skins and items they’ve accrued from the beta battle pass. So for the time being, make sure you keep levelling up and earn those battle pass rewards in preparation for the full release later in August.