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YouTube pranksters NELK Boys get arrested while filming video

The NELK boys have got themselves in trouble again.
YouTube pranksters NELK Boys get arrested while filming video

Three popular members and four cameramen of the YouTube prank squad known as NELK have been arrested in Mississippi whilst filming a prank for their channel.



The pranksters, who have been recording and posting controversial videos on YouTube for several years, boast an incredible following of 4.7 million subscribers. The group has become increasingly popular following the addition of fellow YouTuber Steve "SteveWillDoIt" Deleonardis, who skyrocketed to fame of the back of his ridiculous drinking videos.


Coast to Coast NELK
The NELK boys are currently on a coast to coast road trip. (Picture: NELK)


NELK has had a contentious reputation on the platform over the years, with several of their videos being removed and demonetised for violating YouTube's regulations. The group officially consists of Kyle Forgeard, Jesse Sebastiani and Deleonardis, with regular features from Pat Sebastiani (Jesse’s father), and other fellow content creators Bradley Martin and Salim known to his fans as "salimthedream".

Sebastiani posted a story on NELK's Instagram page outlining the situation and naming all of the members and camera crew who had been detained. Amongst these were Kyle, Steve, and Salim.

"Alright boys, I got some sh**ty news. We were on our way to Tampa, Florida and we were shooting a video on our way there, and the boys all ended up getting arrested," he said.



"We're on our way to the police station right now, gave the lawyer a call, we're going to try and get them out. I'll give you guys an update when I know what's going on next," he added.

NELK are no strangers to the trouble and have had a number of run-in's with the law throughout their YouTube careers.

They filmed a prank back in January 2015 titled 'Coke Prank on Cops' in which they convinced officers that they had cocaine in the back of their vehicle, later revealing it was in fact 'Coca-Cola' when the police finally checked.

In May 2016, the video became a subject of controversy, with NELK receiving a warning from the Los Angeles Police Department who released a statement informing the public that the prank was illegal and warned people against replicating their actions.

In August of that same year, a trip to Russia was called off, which would have been part of their 'Spin the Globe Challenge', after authorities were made aware of a felony on SteveWillDoIt's record.

The following month, the boys got into trouble again this time with the Irish authorities after a fan meetup in a public park spiralled out of control.

This time, NELK were released after only a few hours, confirmed by the announcement on the group's Twitter account. However, the details of the situation remain a mystery.



The attempted prank comes after a recent upload on their YouTube channel where the boys told their fans that they were heading on a road trip around the US, with more pranks and surprises planned for the journey.