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Zelina Vega’s best cosplays, from Catwoman to D.Va

These cement her as one of the queens of cosplay.
Zelina Vega’s best cosplays, from Catwoman to D.Va

Zelina Vega is a fierce competitor in the ring and a fan-favourite in the WWE Universe. But if there was something like a championship belt in the cosplay world, she’d be the rightful holder. It’s something she loves doing, and her fans love seeing her do it too. 

Not only is she damn good at it, but her passion and creativity really shine through in all her outfits. Picking the best isn't easy, so we've selected 7 of our favourites to showcase and celebrate Zelina Vega - because, frankly, she deserves it.

Zelina Vega's best cosplays


7: Jesse and James Zelina vega best cosplay james and jesse

Team Rocket members Jesse and James are the primary antagonists in the Pokémon series. The devious duo’s main mission is to steal other trainers Pokémon, but their personal goal is to steal Pikachu from Ash.

Zelina Vega and her associate Andrade are the perfect pair to cosplay Jesse and James. That’s because in the WWE Universe, while they aren’t stealing anyone’s Pokémon, they’re always up to some kind of shenanigans. But more importantly, the outfits are perfect. All we need is for them to do the Team Rocket motto speech complete with the rose and.

6. Catwoman

Zelina Vega catwoman
(Picture: Zelina Vega)

Catwoman is one of the most prominent characters in the DC Comic universe. She’s often depicted as a villain, but other times she’s been more of an anti-heroine. It’s a bit like how Zeina Vega is currently considered a ‘heel’ character but could turn ‘face’ down the track. 

Catwoman is one of the more common cosplays, but it’s hard to find anyone who has donned the suit as well as Zelina Vega. The clever use of what looks like body paint was a nice touch and somehow looks even better than leather.


5. Queen Akasha from Queen of the Damned

Queen Ashaka Zelina Vega
(Picture: Zelina Vega)

Queen of the Damned is a fantasy horror movie that released in 2002. The story revolves around a rock star whose music wakes up Queen Akasha, the leader of the vampires. The late singer Aaliyah played that role and she absolutely killed it, mesmerizing everyone with her exotic belly dance scenes.

Coincidentally, Zelina happens to be a talented belly dancer too. But more than that, she cosplayed the character flawlessly. If they ever decide to do a remake or an adaptation of the film, Zelina should be the first in line for the role.

4. Jade

Zelina Vega Jade
(Picture: Zelina Vega)

Zelina Vega is a big fan of fighting games, so it’s no surprise that she cosplayed Jade, a character in the Mortal Kombat series. 

Jade started as a secret character but ended up being one of the more prominent heroines in the story. She is defined as confident, self-assured, and sassy, which seems to be a common trend in a lot of the characters that appeal to Zelina. 

Zelina’s cosplay captures both the exoticness and badassness of the character. The outfit is about as close to the original as possible, and although the bo staff and the bronze fans are missing, who needs them when you’re a professional wrestler.

3. Vega

Zelina Vega
(Picture: WWE)

Vega is a staple character in the Street Fighter series, and potentially the inspiration behind Zelina Vega’s name. He is a claw-wielding villain and the personal bodyguard of the final boss, M. Bison.

This cosplay looked awesome, but what made it even better was that Zelina wore it as she entered the 2019 Royal Rumble. Imagine the horror the other wrestlers must have felt when they turned their heads and saw her look so damn intimidating. Luckily for them, she removed the claws before entering the ring.


2. Sombra

Zelina Vega sombra
(Picture: Zelina Vega)

Sombra is a villain from Overwatch. The menacing hacker is more of a utility character and has a higher skill-cap than some of the others, but she can be devastating in the hands of a good player.

Zelina is a big fan of the character, and that’s probably why she cosplayed her on SummerSlam. What makes it so special is how perfect it is. All the minor details are there; the hair, the make-up, the bling, the props, and of course, the clothes. Even the pose and the expression are on point.

1. D.Va

Zelina Vega D.Va Best cosplays
(Picture: Zelina Vega)

D.Va is one of the most iconic characters from Overwatch. She is a professional gamer who pilots a mech, which makes her the perfect mobile tank. However, like Zelina’s character in the WWE, she also has an egotistical streak and loves flexing on her opponents.

This cosplay is number one on the list because despite how hard it is to pull off, Zelina absolutely nailed it. Her outfit has so much polish and detail, it looks exactly like the real thing. Nobody can wear it better. Here’s a better look at the transformation that she posted on her Instagram.

At the end of the day, all of Zelina’s cosplays are fantastic in their own way. It’s hard to find the best of them when they’re all so damn good.

Still, this is our take on what we think has been her best so far, and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store for the future.