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Warcraft Rumble Baron Rivendare: Ability, Stats & Talents

We explain everything you need to know about the Undead Leader, Baron Rivendare, in Warcraft Rumble, including weakness, Gold cost, stats, ability and talents.
Warcraft Rumble Baron Rivendare: Ability, Stats & Talents

There are two powerful Undead Leaders in Warcraft Rumble, Blizzard's new fast-paced mobile strategy title, namely Bloodmage Thalnos and Baron Rivendare. This guide focuses on the latter, sharing all the important Baron Rivendare details in Warcraft Rumble.

We outline all of Baron Rivendare's talents you can unlock, alongside its unique Leader ability, base stats, weakness, Gold cost, and more, so let's jump in.

Warcraft Rumble Baron Rivendare Details

Warcraft Rumble Barron Rivendare leader mini undead stats ability army of the dead passive talents unlock
Baron Rivendare to your right, and Bloodmage Thalnos to your left! (Picture: Blizzard)

In Warcraft lore, Baron Rivendare is one of the Four Horsemen in Naxxramas and is the final boss encounter in the Military Wing of this legendary raid. In Warcraft Rumble, Baron Rivendare is an Undead Leader mini, dubbed the "Bane of the Scarlet Crusade."

This powerful Undead Leader can summon endless armies of the dead and costs four (4) Gold to play. It is weak against Squad Units in Warcraft Rumble but makes up for it with a tonne of advantages.

Baron Rivendare is strong against Ranged units, deals elemental damage, which is strong against Armored units, has a high health pool to soak up Tower damage with ease, is fast-moving, and with the Armored trait, has 50% physical damage reduction!

You'll find Baron Rivendare's unique Leader ability and talents, as well as stats in Warcraft Rumble below.

Baron Rivendare's Ability & Talents

  • Army of the Dead ability: Rivendare periodically summons Skeletons at buildings you control.
  • Death Pact talent: Periodically sacrifice a nearby Skeleton to be Healed.
  • Skeletal Frenzy talent: Nearby allied Skeletons gain Bloodlust.
  • Chill Of The Grave talent: Summon Skeletal Mages instead of Warriors.

Baron Rivendare's Stats in Warcraft Rumble

  • Damage 190
  • Health 1040
  • DPS 111
  • Attack Speed 1.7 (fast)

Want to know more about using Baron Rivendare in your Warcraft Rumble build? Then check out YouTuber Zim Ghost's Undead Warsong Build featuring Baron Rivendare below.

So there you have it, everything Warcraft Rumble players need to know about the Undead Leader, Baron Rivendare, from its unique ability and stats to passive talents, weaknesses, and Gold cost. If anything changes, we will update this article with haste, so stay tuned!