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Best Warcraft Rumble Starter Deck Build

We outline the best starter deck build in Warcraft Rumble so you know which leader and minis to choose to get through the first few zones.
Best Warcraft Rumble Starter Deck Build

Are you new to Blizzard's fast-paced mobile strategy title, Warcraft Rumble? Are you looking for a quick and easy starter build to win matches? Then we've got you covered!

In this no-nonsense guide, we share the best Warcraft Rumble starter build, featuring the Leader and Troop minis, as well as a Spell, which will provide you with easy wins in the first several hours of play.

Best Warcraft Rumble Starting Deck

best warcraft rumble starter deck build minis leader spell Sneed
This deck has not failed us once in the first 15 Warcraft Rumble missions, and we even won some PvP matches with it! (Picture: Blizzard)

For our best Warcraft Rumble starter build/deck, we went with a relatively fast setup, with an average gold cost of 3.1, which allows us to keep deploying minis to overwhelm your foes quickly.

For our Leader mini, we picked Sneed to tank damage and take care of packs of troops and Chain Lightning for decent AoE damage at the cost of only 2 Gold to protect our towers from fast, low-hp enemies. We combine our Leader and spell picks with a rather tanky setup. Check out the list of troop minis we use below.

  • Gryphon Rider
  • Darkspear Troll
  • Gnoll Brute
  • Ogre Magi
  • Ghoul

Both the Gryphon Rider and Darkspear Troll should be used behind the likes of a Gnoll Brute or Ghoul. Play the Ogre Magi if you have a Gold advantage only to help finish off an enemy player.

If you want a bit more flexibility and push the average gold cost below 3, then we suggest swapping Ogre Magi with the S.A.F.E. Pilot. Keep in mind that the S.A.F.E. pilot does require a bit more timing and predictive casting than the Ogre Magi, but it is well worth it when used correctly.

This build carried us through the first four zones without losing a single battle against the first 15 bosses. We do, however, suggest swapping Sneed out for Baron Rivendare as soon as you unlock it, as it is one of the best Leader minis available in the current meta.

If all this is a bit confusing for you and you want to know about all the minis/spells available, then you are in luck, as we've got tier lists for all three categories below.

Once you've completed a large portion of the campaign, you must check out our best Warcraft Rumble PvP Deck guide, featuring the best possible builds! If you are just getting started, then our beginner's guide with essential tips will help you win some early battles and progress through the first few zones.

In case you've missed it, check out the game's launch trailer from BlizzCon 2023 below.

Warcraft Rumble is out now on iOS and Android devices, completely free-to-play! Use our best starter deck to plow through the early missions, and enjoy this addictive new strategy title from Blizzard!