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How To Beat Hogger In Warcraft Rumble

So, you are looking to beat Hogger in Warcraft Rumble? Well, you came to the right place!
How To Beat Hogger In Warcraft Rumble

Warcraft Rumble is filled to the brim with exciting enemies and heroes alike! As you progress through the game, you encounter the fabled Hogger! He is notorious for being a difficult early-game boss that often leaves players at a dead end!

How do you beat Hogger in Warcraft Rumble? Well, I'm glad you asked! That's where we come in; we will give you the best guide on how to beat him and eventually even incorporate him into your own Minis army! That's right, he can be recruited later down the line and used in combat on your behalf!

How To Beat Hogger In Warcraft Rumble

How to beat hogger

Beating Hogger in Warcraft Rumble is no simple task if you are just starting later; of course, it is much easier! Hogger is the final boss in the starter location of Elwynn Forest. He offers a nice early-game challenge to the player and puts everything you just learned to the test!

To beat Hogger in Warcraft Rumble, you will have to use a bit of strategy. You will notice that on the right lane to Hogger, there are Murlocs that block your path along with a combination of either a ranged damage dealer or a close-range tank. 

The Left lane to Hogger has an enemy tower located above the center. So, which lane is best to approach Hogger? Well, both have their advantages and weaknesses.

How to beat Hogger 3

If you destroy the tower in the left lane, you will have access to a new deployment zone. This means you will be able to deploy your Minis very close to Hogger with little to no resistance. The downside to this approach is that sieging the tower can be very taxing.

The right lane has more Minis to battle, but is it harder? The right lane is pretty easy to push. All you need to do is deploy your Minis like usual, but when they get close to the enemy, deploy the S.A.F.E Pilot to destroy the Murlocs. That is the key to winning in the right lane. 

How to beat Hogger 4

The Murlocs in Warcraft Rumble are strong at range but will be destroyed with a single S.A.F.E Pilot Mini. This will then open the lane up for a brief time, exposing Hogger to your Army of Minis! The key factor here is not to blow up the Murlocs before your Minis are in range; otherwise, they will simply respawn and destroy you! They respawn fast!

Going for either lane is a viable strategy, just remember to send your Kobold to collect that precious gold for you, so that you may summon more Minis! Also, remember to send in a mix of melee tanks and ranged damage dealers when trying to beat Hogger in Warcraft Rumble!

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to beat Hogger in Warcraft Rumble! If you are new to the game and need the best beginner's guide to Warcraft Rumble, we have it right here! For all content Warcraft Rumble, stick with us, as we have you covered!