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Dagath Warframe: Release Date, Abilities, Weapon, Cosmetics

Here's everything you need to about Dagath in Warframe, including her abilities and weapon.
Dagath Warframe: Release Date, Abilities, Weapon, Cosmetics
Digital Extremes

Over the years, Digital Extremes has added many intricately designed and powerful frames to its free-to-play looter-shooter Warframe. Farming blueprints and resources have been a core gameplay loop in Warframe and will continue to remain so with the upcoming Abyss of Dagath update.

The Abyss of Dagath adds the game's 54th Warframe, Dagath, a gothic and sinister-looking frame who's unlike anything the studio has put out before. Dagath is as deadly as she's gorgeous with her hybrid whip/sword weapon. Thanks to the devstream 173, we now have more concrete details about her.

If you're excited to know more about Dagath, you're in the right place. In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about Dagath, including details on when she's coming to the game, all her abilities, and day-one cosmetic items. 

Dagath's Release Date in Warframe

Dagath is coming to Warframe on 18 October 2023. She will be part of this year's holiday update, Abyss of Dagath, which also brings new story missions. 

All Dagath's Abilities in Warframe

Dagath is a high DPS frame that specializes in dealing with viral elemental damage. Like other frames, she possesses four active abilities and one passive, which are unlocked as you level up. 

Wyrd Scythes

Dagath's first ability is called Wyrd Scythes, in which she summons spectral sickles that deal AOE viral damage to enemies. If the spectral sickle hits an enemy affected by Phantom Wrath (more on that later), it resets the viral damage duration and spreads it to nearby enemies.


Dagath's second ability is Doom, in which she conjures spectral energy from her head that deals low damage and inflicts the Phantom Wrath status effect on enemies. As mentioned above, you can use the spectral sickle on an enemy inflicted by Phantom Wrath to deal additional damage.

Grave Spirit

Dagath's third ability is Grave Spirit, which, when active, prevents Dagath from dying and instead brings her back in a spectral form. In her spectral state, Dagath deals increased Critical damage and gain protection from the Spectral Realm. Do note that Grave Spirit goes into cooldown after being cast, so you can't spam it all the time.

Rakhali's Cavalry

Dagath's ultimate ability is Rakhali's Cavalry, which allows her to summon five spectral horses that charge toward enemies to deal massive Viral damage. If enemies are inflicted with Phantom Wrath, the horses also reduce the target's defenses. 

Abundant Abyss

Dagath's passive ability is Abundant Abyss, which allows her to feed on the souls of dead enemies. Doing so has a low chance of increasing the effectiveness of the health and energy orbs she picks up by three times. 

Dagath's Weapon in Warframe

Dagath wields a unique combination of a sword and whip called Dorrclave. It's a fast-paced weapon that deals slam attacks and slashing damage. What makes Dorrclave more special is the fact that it enters a spectral state after 20 kills or assists and doubles weapon Follow Through and guarantees Status Effects for the next 20 attacks.

Dagath's Dojo Room in Warframe

Dagath is getting her own Dojo Room in Warframe. It's a creepy-looking dungeon where you can find the Shrine of Dagath. You can use the shrine to get Dagath and her weapon blueprints. 

All Dagath's Cosmetic Items in Warframe

A new frame would be incomplete without a bunch of new tantalizing cosmetic items, and fortunately, Dagath is getting three of those at launch. These are: 

  • Aumen Chamfron
  • Aumen Saddle
  •  Aumen Tail

That's everything you need to know about Dagath in Warframe.