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How To Link Accounts In Warframe

Here's how you can link all your accounts to your Warframe account.
How To Link Accounts In Warframe
Digital Extremes

Are you confused about how to link all your accounts to Warframe? For any live-service multi-platform title, it's best to link all your accounts to the game account in case you want to switch platforms or snag Twitch Drops and Prime rewards. 

Digital Extremes finally added cross-play to Warframe in 2022, and with cross-save on the horizon, it's best to keep all your gaming-related accounts linked to your Warframe one. However, the process could be confusing, and here's our guide, which explains how to link accounts in Warframe. 

How To Sync Accounts In Warframe


You can link all your Accounts in Warframe by heading over to the game's official website and logging into your Warframe account. After you have logged in, look to the upper right-hand side of the website and select the Account Management option. 

Under Account Management, you will find the option to link your Warframe account to your Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts. You can also enable two-factor authentication for extra precaution. Speaking of extras, linking your accounts will also get you exclusive rewards. For instance, linking your Warframe and Prime accounts will get you the Stezia Sumbha Syandana. Link your Twitch account to get the Broca Prominence Syandana and enable 2fa to receive a 3-day Affinity Booster. 

More account linking options could appear when cross-save is available in Warframe, so don't forget to check back once in a while for an update.

And that's it! That concludes our guide on how to link accounts in Warframe.