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Warframe Qorvex Best Build: Abilities, Mods, Weapons

Have a look at our best Qorvex build in Warframe, including abilities, weapons, and mods.
Warframe Qorvex Best Build: Abilities, Mods, Weapons
Digital Extremes

Qorvex is a bulky Warframe that can smash enemies to dust and pulverize them with radioactive beams. He's the game's 55th Warframe and is quite the departure from Dagath, both in size and functionality. 

As mentioned above, Qorvex specializes in dealing radioactive damage, mostly AOE, that can slow and even explode enemies in the vicinity. Qorvex also works well in a team and can give his teammates status immunity, preventing them from getting knocked out.

To ensure you have a good time playing as Qorvex in Warframe, we have curated this best build guide, explaining all his abilities, the mods you should equip, and the weapons you should use.

Qorvex's Abilities in Warframe

Like other frames, Qorvex boasts four active abilities and one passive ability. 

Ability 1
Places a radioactive pillar that causes an area of effect. Enemies within its radius are slowed and receive pulses of radiation damage. This Ability reacts to Qorvex’s other powers when hit by them, increasing the speed of the radioactive pulses.
Ability 2
Casts two large walls that crash together.
Ability 3
Gives his team status immunity while there are stacks active. Increase the number of stacks available through kills and assists done with radiation damage.
Ability 4
Unleash a beam of radioactive damage. Enemies inflicted with a Radiation Status effect will explode and cause a chain reaction.

Passive Ability
All weapon attacks by Qorvex come with bonus Radiation damage.

Best Weapons For Qorvex in Warframe

Qorvex's signature weapon is Mandonel. It has two modes. In the first, it deals a buckshot of Radioactive damage. In the second phase, it ejects a laser beam that leaves a lingering radioactive on enemies. 

As for the best weapons, we will update it when we have had hands-on time with the frame. 

Best Mods For Qorvex in Warframe

We will update this section of the guide when Qorvex is made available in Warframe. 

And that's everything you need to know about Qorvex in Warframe.