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Warframe Hydroid Rework: All New Abilities & Changes

Here are all the changes coming to Hydroid in Warframe.
Warframe Hydroid Rework: All New Abilities & Changes
Digital Extremes

During its Warframe devstream 173, Digital Extremes announced a major rework for the water specialist Hydroid. It's been three years since Hydroid Prime was released, and with no subsequent updates in between, Hydroid fans have been starting to get a little angsty. 

Fast forward to now, and we are getting a complete overhaul of all of Hydroid's abilities. From a new passive to a new elemental damage type, there are a lot of changes inbound. In this guide, we detail the Hydroid rework in Warframe, including all the new abilities and changes. 

All Hydroid Changes Coming to Warframe

The biggest change coming to Hydroid in Warframe is the addition of a new passive ability. Before, Hydroid's passive had a chance to spawn a tentacle when performing a melee slam attack.

 Hydroid's new passive is related to the Corrosive elemental damage type. From now on, every enemy that has taken damage by Hydroid will be more prone to Corrosive Status, so much so that the first instance of the Corrosive Status on an enemy will now remove 50% of their Armor. Furthermore, the effect can now stack up to remove 100% of the enemy armor. 

Below are all the changes coming to Hydroid's active abilities: 

Tempest Barrage

Skill Description: Target an area and call down a barrage of liquid fury. Charge this attack to increase the lethality of the onslaught.


  • Damage type changed from Impact to Corrosive.
  • Tempest Barrage now staggers instead of ragdolls.
  • The Corroding Barrage Augment Mod is now called Viral Tempest and will have a chance to apply a Viral Status Effect instead of Corrosive.

Tidal Surge

Skill Description: Crash through enemies in a ferocious wall of water.


  • Waves can now be steered.
  • Damage type changed from Impact to Corrosive.
  • Enemies are now thrown together after the ability ends, allowing for easy regrouping.
  • Tidal Surge now applies Corrosive Status Effect to enemies depending on the time they are carried by its waves.
  •  Tidal Surge now cleanses all of Hydroid’s negative Status Effects.

Plunder Armor (Previously Undertow)

Skill Description: Steal enemy armor by applying the Corrosive Status effect.


  • Hydroid steals the armor of enemies in range affected by the Corrosive Status effect.
  • The more Corrosive Status effects applied, the stronger the ability.
  • The Curative Undertow Augment mod is now Rousing Plunder,  and will cause Plunder Armor to heal Hydroid and his allies within Affinity Range.

Tentacle Swarm

Skill Description: Tap to spawn watery tentacles from all nearby surfaces to wreak havoc.


  • Tentacle Swarm will hold enemies more steadily, allowing you to eliminate enemies more easily.

These are all the changes coming to Hydroid in Warframe with the Abyss of Dagath update.