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Wordle: How to play, new word schedule, cost, and more

The word game, Wordle, has become a phenomenon on social media. Here's everything you need to know.
Wordle: How to play, new word schedule, cost, and more

Browser games are nothing new to gamers that may be stuck at work trying to kill some time yet in recent months one simple word puzzle game has taken social media by storm -- Wordle.

Word puzzle games are far from a novelty, one only has to look at things like Scrabble, Words With Friends, Word Finder, and more. What sets Wordle apart is accessibility and social media integration that makes every challenge worth tackling. 

If you're out of the loop, let's fill you in on everything you need to know about Wordle, including how to play, share your results, and more. 

How to play Wordle?

This is what being a loser looks like. (Picture: Wordle)

Wordle is a simple word puzzle that's on a 24-hour rotation. This means, each day, a new five-letter word will be available for players to discover.

You'll have up to six guesses. Letters might get highlighted in different colours, this is what those colours mean:

  • Yellow - The letter is used in the answer, but not in the order you placed it.
  • Green - The letter is used exactly where you placed it.

If you want an extra challenge, the Hard Mode Wordle will force you to use any highlighted words in subsequent guesses. 

Is Wordle free?

Not only is Wordle free to play, but you also don't even have to create an account of any kind to start playing it.

Simply head out to the official Wordle website and crack the word of the day.

When do new words come out in Wordle?

As we mentioned, every 24 hours, a new world will pop up in Wordle for players to figure out. The new words show up at 6:00 AM GMT (10:00 PM PST).

So if you're in North America, the night owls will get a chance to crack the code before anyone else, meanwhile, those in Europe will have a new puzzle to look forward to in the mornings.

How to share Wordle results

wordle how to share
Sharing is relatively easy and non-intrusive. (Picture: Wordle)

We're sure you've seen your friends or famous influencers share a few obtuse grey, green, and yellow squares. These are their wordle results for a day.

To share them, simply click on the Stats icon that shows up on the upper right corner of the website, this will copy your daily results to your clipboard. From then, head out to your social media of choice and paste them.

How do you win at Wordle?

  1. Some great minds figured out what the best words to start were. Start with one of them and it will make a massive difference in how easily you solved today's wordle.
  2. Think about combinations. I like to test some of the most common combinations such as CH, CR, ST for example.
  3. Play with the letters on screen, and don't be afraid to move some of the green letters. Doing this is sometimes enough to give you a new perspective on what the word could be. And as long as you don't press enter, you have ulimited tries.
  4. Why not "Y"? Don't forget this vowel: it is more common than you think.

You can also navigate to today's wordle solution to find hints (as well as the actual solution).

What are the best Wordle Start Words?

Tiktok influencer and software engineer  crvlwanek recently developed his own algorithm to find out what the best words to start your daily Wordle challenge were. Here are the 5 words we should all keep in mind:


Here you go. You are now ready.

Featured image courtesy of Wordle. Source: Wordle - Crvlwanek