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WWE 2K24 Roster Will Have The Greatest Boxer of All Time

The WWE 2K24 roster is due to add one of the most prolific fighters in history for the very first time.
WWE 2K24 Roster Will Have The Greatest Boxer of All Time
2K Sports

After showcasing several new features since announcing the title, the official WWE 2K24 gameplay trailer highlighted many of this year's additions. After showing new match types and emphasizing just how extensive the WWE 2K24 roster will be, a teaser was slipped in near the end of the trailer. It looks like "The Greatest" is finally on his way in WWE 2K24.

Muhammad Ali joins WWE 2K24 roster

Muhammad Ali WWE 2K24

At the very end of the WWE 2K24 gameplay trailer, they showed a quick look at the boots of Muhammad Ali, a glimpse of his entrance, and visuals of The Greatest throwing a few punches. While he was previously included in the WWE Champions mobile game, this marks the first roster appearance for Muhammad Ali in the core WWE 2K franchise.

We don't yet know if he'll be a special DLC character or potentially an unlockable connected to one of the Forty Years of WrestleMania Showcase matches. A better look at his character model was shared by WWE Games on Twitter, and further advertising him without mention of DLC definitely lends itself towards Ali being unlockable in the base game.

While he never competed in a WWE ring, Muhammad Ali did face legendary Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki back in June of 1976. The event, billed as "The War of the Worlds," was held in Tokyo, Japan and remains one of the most iconic moments in professional wrestling history. The fight, which was held under special rules similar to modern MMA, was refereed by Gene LeBell and went to a 15-round draw.

Muhammad Ali was also the Special Guest Referee for the main event of the first WrestleMania, and that means he'll likely be featured in that match for the 40 Years of WrestleMania Showcase. Ali was also a guest of honor at the historic Collision in Korea, a cross-promotional event from WCW and NJPW held in Pyongyang, North Korea where Antonio Inoki fought Ric Flair. Muhammad Ali is also part of the UFC 5 roster if players would prefer to experience his skills in that environment.