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All Crash Team Rumble Maps

Let's take a look at all of the maps in Crash Team Rumble, and which Relic Stations are on each one.
All Crash Team Rumble Maps

Toys For Bob's upcoming game Crash Team Rumble pits four iconic Crash Bandicoot characters against another team of four opponents in a fast-paced battle for Wumpa Fruit. There are five characters to choose from during the closed beta - with eight characters and respective powers to choose from once the game goes live - so the roster is certainly an impressive one. But the game's maps are nearly as diverse as the characters, with several different maps already being available rather than just one.

On release, there are three maps - each with its own unique layout and design - for players to compete on and explore. Let's take a look at all of the maps available in Crash Team Rumble.

tiki towers crash team rumble
Tiki Towers is one of three Crash Team Rumble maps available during the closed beta. (Picture: Toys For Bob)

All Maps In Crash Team Rumble

At the time of writing there are just three maps available in Crash Team Rumble. Here's a quick list:

  • Just Beachy
  • Tiki Towers
  • Calamity Canyon

Now, let's delve a little deeper into the details of each Crash Team Rumble map, including what they look like and the best strategy for playing on each one.

Just Beachy

Just Beachy, as its name implies, is a beach-themed map. It's an island with water all over the place, which will cause players to rely on platforms to keep themselves up and alive. There are tons of Gem Stations on this map, which makes it great for those with the Booster role.

Relic Stations on this map include Beach Balls, which you can use to roll into and over other players.

Tiki Towers

Even more so than Just Beachy, Tiki Towers relies on platforms as a major gameplay element; this map has some of the highest vertical climbs. It's an enormous canyon complete with cannons and lava pits that can pose dangers to players who are in precarious positions, so on this map more than any other, it's important to keep an eye out for environmental dangers.

This map features the special Uka Uka Relic Stations, which allow players to turn into the legendary Uka Uka and rain meteors down on opponents.

Calamity Canyon

Calamity Canyon looks like a large desert, with rocks scattered around a largely barren atmosphere. This map might be open, allowing for a lot of unique plays from Scorers, Boosters, and Blockers alike, but it also features a large drop that can cause players to fall. Overall, your success on this map depends on your ability to make the most of the wide open at

On this map, the unique relic station is called the Nitrous Oxide Relic Station.

Those are all of the maps available for players to explore in Crash Team Rumble, at least for now.

From Calamity Canyon to Tiki Towers to Just Beachy, Toys For Bob has already offered a lot of variety as it comes to the maps in the game, and there are even more to come when the game hits shelves in June 2023