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Crash Team Rumble: How To Use Relic Stations

Here's how to use Relic Stations in Crash Team Rumble to give your team the advantage.
Crash Team Rumble: How To Use Relic Stations

In Crash Team Rumble, Relics and Relic Stations are truly game-changing mechanics, allowing you to completely swing the game if you manage to use them at the right time. If you're a Crash Team Rumble player, it's important to learn about how Relics work so you can make the most of these useful platforms during your games and make smart moves against your opponents.

In this guide, we'll review how to use Relics to activate Relic Stations in Crash Team Rumble.

relic stations crash team rumble
Relic Stations are found on every map. (Picture: Toys For Bob)

How To Use Relic Stations In Crash Team Rumble

To use Relic Stations, you'll first need to collect the floating Relics around the map. Each Relic Station requires a different number of Relics to activate; you can find the number of Relics needed to activate any Relic Station by looking at the number beneath the floating icon.

To deposit Relics or activate a station, just stand on top of it. You can deposit Relics over time, meaning that you don't need to deposit the total number all at once at any given station, and your teammates' Relics also count toward the total.

Don't forget that after you use a Relic Station, your teammates will also be able to use it for a while! Take advantage of this feature to support your team.

Note that if you take on a character with the Booster role, you'll probably find it especially easy to collect Relics, claim Gem Pads, and passively empower your team in other ways.

How To Use Epic Relic Stations

In addition to the Relic Stations dotted around the environment, there is also a central epic Relic Station on every map. This Epic Relic Station costs more Relics to activate than the other Stations, meaning that you'll probably have to work with your team to deposit enough Relics to activate it. However, it is also a lot more powerful than the other Relic Stations, meaning you'll want to focus on depositing your Relics there over time.

All Relic Stations In Crash Team Rumble

crash team rumble relic stations
Each Relic Station has a different use. (Picture: Toys For Bob)

Every map in Crash Team Rumble has its own Relic Stations, meaning that whichever map you play on, you'll have to change your playstyle accordingly.

Here's a look at all of the Relic Stations on each map:

  • Just Beachy - Beach Ball, Bonus Bank
  • Tiki Towers - Uka Uka, Bandicootapult
  • Calamity Canyon - Nitrous Oxide's UFO, Junker Ball

Collecting Relics and using them at Relic Stations is a great way to boost your team in Crash Team Rumble, and now you know how to use them.