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New Signings Reportedly Joining AEW Fight Forever Roster

New reports indicate that the AEW Fight Forever roster could working to add recently signed talent.
New Signings Reportedly Joining AEW Fight Forever Roster

AEW Fight Forever received relatively solid reviews earlier this year, but there hasn't been much chatter about the game in recent months. While a few previously announced DLC packs did land in the game, there wasn't much word about future changes to the AEW Fight Forever roster.

Even the arrival of Stadium Stampede didn't seem to move the needle too far on how many players are enjoying AEW Fight Forever, but there could be more new content on the way. According to new reports, the AEW Fight Forever roster is due for some new additions.

AEW Fight Forever roster reportedly due to expand once again

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Development of AEW Fight Forever took several years, and by the time the game released in June of this year it was still missing key names within the company. Considering the amount of talent in AEW, not all of which is fully contracted, it's no surprise that not every single name on the show made it in.

In fact, several models weren't quite ready for launch and were instead used as post-launch DLC that was slowly rolled out in the weeks after AEW Fight Forever arrived. However, a new report by Fightful Select indicates that more additions are on the way.

According to the report, "there have been scans done from new talent with plans to add them to the game." These moves are apparently recent, happening in the last few weeks, so there's always a chance that massive new arrivals like Adam Copeland could be on their way to the game.

Longtime career tag team partner and rival Christian Cage is already part of the AEW Fight Forever roster, as are longtime rivals Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy. At this point, AEW Games seems focused on continuing to improve their existing title rather than development on any potential sequel.

Fightful Select also noted that while there was "a heavy internal push to promote the game" in the month or two after it launched, "the game hasn't been much of a topic of conversation" since then. It's not clear when these new signings could join the AEW Fight Forever roster or whether they'll be in a paid DLC pack, but there might be a little life in this game yet.