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Swerve joins AEW Fight Forever roster in yet another paid DLC

The next AEW Fight Forever DLC release continues a trend that is frustrating several players.
Swerve joins AEW Fight Forever roster in yet another paid DLC
AEW Games

If you decided to try out AEW Fight Forever when the game was first released and paid the full $59.99 pricetag, actually keeping up with their DLC drops would be a pricey task. That continues to ring true as another AEW Fight Forever DLC has been announced featuring Swerve Strickland.

While the pricetag hasn't been confirmed yet, frustrations among fans and players have only grown as THQ Nordic continues to trickle out new content piece by piece with every bit of it requiring an additional purchase. With the AEW Fight Forever Swerve to the Beach DLC, player patience is being stretched thin once again.

AEW Fight Forever Swerve to the Beach DLC Release Date

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If you want to keep your game packed to the brim with every bit of content that's been released, the AEW Fight Forever Swerve to the Beach DLC release date is set for February 14th on all platforms. The only information given to players was a short teaser clip showing Swerve Strickland making his entrance in what appears to be a new beach-themed arena.

We also expect an AEW Fight Forever update and patch notes soon, as they usually deploy an update the day before a DLC release to get all the newly built content into the game. We also don't know the price of this DLC, but past releases suggest it should be somewhere between $6.99 and $11.99.

We saw the first few AEW Fight Forever DLC packs bundled into the original AEW Fight Forever Season Pass, and the most recent batch of DLC was bundled into Season Pass 2. As of now, we don't yet know if AEW Fight Forever Season Pass 3 is on the table or if this will tie into any other Season 3 content instead of being a stand-alone DLC drop. 

AEW Fight Forever keeps asking players to spend more money

AEW_ Fight Forever 2023-06-28 00-14-22

Since launching in mid-2023, we've gotten seven different paid DLC releases for AEW Fight Forever. The drop of Swerve to the Beach will make it eight, and the cost of keeping your game updated with new content continues to rise. AEW Fight Forever was already $59.99 at launch, and while some retailers do have the base game on sale for the time being, digital store listings have not reduced the price at all.

If you purchased the base game and individually purchased every DLC pack, that would cost an additional $67.93. If you instead purchased the Season Pass and Season Pass 2, and grabbed Matt Hardy who isn't included in those bundles, it would cost an additional $59.97. In both cases, you're spending as much if not more than the base price of the title for the DLC content.

Between every single AEW Fight Forever DLC, they've added nine new wrestlers to the roster, one new arena, four new minigames, a single-player offline tournament mode, and 10 new songs for the soundtrack. It looks like we'll be adding another wrestler and arena to that count, but it'll once again jack up the total cost of all the game's DLC.

Meanwhile, active players for AEW Fight Forever have steadily declined per SteamDB. The title hasn't gotten more than a few dozen active players in weeks, and those who are still interested aren't exactly over the moon about the latest DLC announcement. A quick glance at the Twitter replies to the reveal and the AEW Games Discord are full of players upset that these minor additions don't justify their asking price.

For comparison, the WWE 2K23 Season Pass was priced at $39.99 and included five DLC packs on top of the MyRISE Mega-Boost and SuperCharger, which would cost $59.93 if purchased individually. Those added 25 playable characters and a manager on top of the in-game jumpstart the other two bits of DLC in the Season Pass provide. AEW Fight Forever looked promising ahead of launch, but at this point each DLC feels like a desparate attempt to recoup underperforming sales.