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AEW Fight Forever Season 2 DLC Release Date

AEW Fight Forever Season 2 has been confirmed, and we'll break down when it will arrive and what new content players can expect.
AEW Fight Forever Season 2 DLC Release Date
AEW Games

They're embracing the name at AEW Games with AEW Fight Forever Season 2 now underway. Fans have been trying out the exciting arrival for months, but we now know that a long-term seasons plan with new DLC is set.

If you snagged the AEW Fight Forever Elite Edition, you'll still have to purchase future DLC drops. We've got more details on that and everything that's confirmed so far about AEW Fight Forever Season 2 below.

Updated November 22: The Acclaimed DLC has been released with teaser details about the next Season 2 DLC packs. 

AEW Fight Forever Season 2 DLC Release Date

AEW Fight Forever Season 2

After some early teasers and heavy speculation about the potential future of the game, AEW Fight Forever Season 2 has already begun with The Acclaimed taking the first spotlight. Max Caster and Anthony Bowens are available now as their own DLC pack in the game for $11.99, but players who want a complete roster may not want to snag that one by itself.

Along with the release of the AEW Fight Forever Dynamite feat. The Acclaimed DLC, we've now got confirmation that Season Pass 2 is available. In that reveal they've confirmed the names of all three DLC packs in Season 2:

  • AEW Fight Forever Dynamite feat. The Acclaimed (11/22/23)
  • AEW Fight Forever Beat the Elite
  • AEW Fight Forever The STORM is Coming

The exact contents of the next two DLC drops has not been confirmed, but there's been heavy speculation that Toni Storm was one of the next names arriving on the roster. On top of that, the teaser image seen above when Season 2 was first announced shows Kenny Omega and looks to be one piece of the Beat The Elite DLC.

The Acclaimed DLC had a release date of November 22, 2023, but unfortunately AEW Games has not yet confirmed the release date for any other AEW Fight Forever DLC packs. The previous drops had at least a few weeks of space between them, so we may see Beat The Elite in early to late December.

We're could also see some themed events tied into Season 2 (maybe even seasonal releases with the holidays approaching) to go along with Stadium Stampede, the battle royale mode released after the game's launch. Either way, keep an eye on AEW Games across social media to know firsthand when AEW Fight Forever Season 2 content is revealed.

How does Season Pass 2 work in AEW Fight Forever?

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If you're looking for the most complete AEW Fight Forever roster possible, then it'll be a must to snag Season Pass 2 as soon as possible. Unfortunately, players who purchased the original AEW Fight Forever Season Pass or received it bundled with the AEW Fight Forever Elite Edition will still have to purchase Season Pass 2 or the new DLC drops separately.

As of now, it appears that this Season Pass mechanic with a bundled batch of DLC drops throughout the season is the long-term plan for AEW Fight Forever. You can purchase Season Pass 2 today at a limited time discount of $24.99 and it's expected to match the $29.99 price of the first Season Pass when that sale ends.