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Aloft: Where To Find & Use Charcoal

Remains of burned trees, Charcoal is used in various ways from crafting materials to purifying water, so here's how to find and use them in Aloft.
Aloft: Where To Find & Use Charcoal
(Picture: Astrolabe Interactive / Ashleigh Klein)

Aloft features a wide range of unique resources and ingredients found in the overworld through collecting, harvesting, and mining or by searching Abandoned Chests, baskets, and inside caves. While some can be collected by hand, other resources, like Charcoal, require a tool to be harvested and added to the Inventory.

Charcoal has a few main uses, like feeding fires and cooking, but it can also help players sketch new building components and clean water. As they won't have to rake themselves over Charcoalattempting to look for them, we've explained how to find and best use them in Aloft in this guide.

How To Find And Use Charcoal In Aloft?

Charcoal has a few main uses in crafting various materials and tools, which can be valuable in their explorations of the floating islands. (Picture: Astrolabe Interactive / Ashleigh Klein)

Before delving into how players may acquire and start using Charcoal, we must briefly discuss what Charcoal is in the game's context. According to its in-game description, Charcoal is "used as fuel for campfires, filtering water and writing," and as such, it's valuable given its main purposes.

As for how players can find Charcoal on most floating islands across the archipelago, unfortunately, it cannot be created; it can only be discovered through exploration. Due to this, we cannot specifically detail its exact locations, but a few clues may help them find it.

Charcoal can be found chiefly on larger islands, where it can be seen as one blackened tree stump or in groups of two or three blackened tree stumps. The earliest that players can acquire Charcoal is on the starting island, where there are a few charcoal stumps in the abandoned house area and the area near the cave where they started their skyfaring adventures.

Charcoal can be used to build a Campfire, in which one piece of Charcoal can be placed in the fire to feed them. (Picture: Astrolabe Interactive / Ashleigh Klein)

Once they've found a Charcoal stump, they can use a Stone Axe to chop it down to gain Charcoal, which is added to their Inventory before it can be used. As mentioned earlier, Charcoal is used to feed Campfires, cleanse Dirty Water to produce Clean Water, and for writing, specifically for the Sketchbook when copying building parts found in ruins and shipwrecks.

But there are a few more additional uses for Charcoal, like crafting a Sketchbook, which requires two pieces of Wood, one piece of Paper, and one piece of Charcoal. Likewise, crafting a Campfire requires Charcoal, namely three pieces with five pieces of Wood and six Stones.

Other known uses include in a Fireplace, which calls for three pieces of Wood, 12 Stones, and three pieces of Charcoal, which, like the Campfire, one piece of Charcoal is required to feed the fire. It can also be used to craft a Torch, which asks for one piece of Wood and Charcoal and can be greatly beneficial when exploring dark caves and ruins.