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All Among Us new roles: How to play

Version 2021.11.09 of Among Us bring the long-awaited new roles alongside a few more changes.
All Among Us new roles: How to play

While Among Us might not hold the same level of popularity it did during its zeitgeist in 2020, developers InnerSloth have amassed a loyal and consistent following that continue to play the social-deduction free-to-play title.

To those that have stuck around or are looking to come back, the devs have created the biggest update yet, bringing long-awaited changes to Among Us, including more roles to spice up the experience.

There's a total of four new roles and a few more changes coming to Among Us with version 2021.11.09, so let's break everything down.

Among Us new roles - How to play

among us new roles
Four new roles are available in Among Us. (Picture: InnerSloth)

As we've mentioned, there are a total of four new roles. Threw for crewmates, and one for impostors:

Crewmate Roles

  • Scientist: Access vitals at any time. Complete tasks to recharge your battery.
  • Engineer: Can use the vents.
  • Guardian Angel: Cast a protection shield around the remaining Crewmates.

Impostor Role

  • Shapeshifter: Disguise yourself by morphing into any other Crewmate.

All roles are self-explanatory, but for further clarification, Guardian Angel only applies to dead crewmates. Players can customise how many roles are within any single match.

The addition of these roles certainly adds even more depth to the game. Take for instance the engineer role, an impostor who gets caught venting can easily make the argument he's filling said crewmate role, causing even further panic during emergency meetings.

Among Us Cosmicubes

cosmicubes among us
Cosmicubes are a way to give players something to strive for. (Picture: InnerSloth)

New roles weren't the only thing added with the latest update, as InnerSloth has introduced a new progression system that merges what a typical season pass does with an RPG-styled branching tree of upgrades, being cosmetics this time around.

Players can buy different sets of Cosmicubes with new currencies such as Beans (earnable through playing) and Stars (premium currency).

Once you acquire a Cosmicube, a special kind of currency called Pods will appear in-game, collecting these are the way you can progress through a specific Cosmicube. Each comes with unique Pods, so you can only progress one at a time, depending on which one you have selected to complete.

Finally, XP has also been introduced, players can earn extra Beans and Pods as they level up their character by completing tasks, committing murders, and playing games.


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Featured image courtesy of InnerSloth.