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Among Us
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News > Horror > Among Us

Among Us November Update: Anonymous voting, task bar modes, cosmetics, and bug fixes

A small update for Among Us has been released on 3rd November which includes some options previously tested in October, like anonymous voting, as well as new features.

Developer Innersloth has just released a small patch for their surprise indie megahit Among Us.

This update is a continuation of the things we've seen introduced in the October update, and so we won't see any flashy new features here, but Innersloth wants to reassure fans that big things are on their way, and some of them are already announced in Among Us road map.

Among Us November update patch notes

Anonymous Voting

Beta tested during October, Anonymous Voting has been finally added to the live version of the game.

Among Us Anonymous Voting
(Picture: Innersloth) 

The game's host can now select an option for voting to be completely anonymous, which gives additional layers of secrecy to the game since now imposters can avoid voting for each other without being suspicious since nobody will know who voted for who during a meeting.

When anonymous voting is turned on all votes appear as grey.

Task Bar Modes

You can now select when do you want Taskbar to be shown.

  • Always mode is a default mode and works like normal.
  • Meeting mode only updates the bar during meetings.
  • Invisible mode removes the taskbar entirely.

Server and anti-hacks updates

Innersloth explains that the hacking issue was "quite bad" and because of that, Forte (one of the developers) pushed out server changes really fast, but that resulted in a lot of bugs and other issues.

Still, they are happy with how anti-hack is doing work and they think it helped a lot to make things better in that regard.

There will be more server updates to fix all problems caused by rushing anti-hacks, but they say that will be "a slower process", so they ask players to be patient.

More anti-hacking solutions are also in works, but they didn't share any more details about it.

Among Us Meeting Cosmetics
(Picture: Innersloth)  

Additional November Changes

  •  MIRA: Comms sabotage clears the security logs.
  • Added symbols to fix wires task.
  • Added cosmetics to meeting screen.
  • Various bug fixes.

The Among Us November update is now live on all platforms (Steam, Android, and iOS).