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Apex Legends explosive hop-up and new Laser Sights leaked

An Apex Legends leaker found a juicy bit of information in the coded files. Check out the new Apex Legends explosive hop-up and new Laser Sights that were just leaked on socials.
Apex Legends explosive hop-up and new Laser Sights leaked

It won't be long until the next major update in Apex Legends with fresh content set to be unveiled by Respawn Entertainment. That major patch should be the highly-anticipated Season 12 update, which players have been eagerly awaiting.

As is the case with any new season, a new legend will debut and be added to the player pool. To this point, there hasn't been much information from Respawn on what Season 12 could entail, leaving the data miners to go look for themselves.

Recently, a popular miner found an interesting bit of code containing what could be some awesome new weapons additions. Here's everything you need to know about the new Apex Legends explosive hop-up and new Laser Sights that were just leaked on socials.

Apex Legends Laser Sight Season 12 update
Leaks suggest Laser Sights could be coming to Apex Legends as part of the new Season 12 update. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment).

Laser Sights leaked - Apex Legends Season 12

While there hasn't been all too much given out by Respawn Entertainment as it pertains to Season 12 of Apex Legends, popular data miner KralRindo seems to have found a big piece of news. A recent tweet from the data miner suggests that new hop-ups are coming to specific weapons, as well as an all-new type of sight that will only be able to attach to certain guns.

KralRindo highlights multiple bits of code that read "LASER_SIGHTS" and are listed next to the guns that they can seemingly be equipped for. The weapons listed in the Laser Sight code section are as follows:

  • RE45
  • Volt SMG
  • R99
  • P2020
  • Prowler
  • Wingman

This would obviously be a debut for Laser Sights in Apex Legends, but having an additional type of optic would likely be well-recieved amongst the player base. Though this isn't the only bit of news that KralRindo found.

New hop-ups could be arriving in Apex Legends when the Season 12 update comes around. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

New Hop-Ups could be coming to Apex Legends

In addition to the new Laser Sights, the data miner revealed coding that referenced new hop-ups. His tweet references an “Explosive Lobber” for the L-STAR only, as well as a “Kinetic Loader” for the Volt SMG, Peacekeeper, and Alternator.

Based on what we already know about Apex Legends, the new L-STAR hop-up could fire explosive rounds, perhaps just at a slower fire rate. The "Kinetic Loader" is a total unknown, and certainly something to keep in mind for what future Apex Legends updates could entail.

While it's entirely possible that this content could have just been uploaded and stashed by Respawn Entertainment for future content, it will be worth keeping an eye on any and all news from the game devs to confirm data miner leaks.

Make sure to keep up with our dedicated Apex Legends page throughout the remainder of Season 11 for all the latest from Respawn Entertainment. We'll be sure to have the updated weapons and Legends tier list, as well as other battle royale information.

Featured image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.