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Apex Legends Fight or Fright event coming for Halloween

The new limited-time event will run 15th October until 5th November and celebrates Halloween in Kings Canyon.
Apex Legends Fight or Fright event coming for Halloween

Apex Legends' latest event Fight or Fright will be the next limited-time event, bringing a new game mode and the usual cosmetic unlockables for a variety of Legends.

A new gamemode titled Shadowfall features a reskinned night-time Kings Canyon as 35 players fight to the death and beyond. Dead Legends become part of the Shadow Squad that leaks have shown footage of, displaying the mobility and strength gained from the 'afterlife'. Without weapons, the Shadow Squad have a powerful melee attack and infinite respawns via skydive to take down the Legends that remain alive.

When ten Legends remain, they must work together and team up to escape in an evacuation ship as the Shadow Squad seek to stop them.

This is not the first time a Solo mode has been added to Apex Legends. The Iron Crown Collection event in August saw Solos mode added temporarily, so it is possible and looking increasingly likely that a permanent Solo mode will be part of Season 3 which started last week. Season 3 of Apex Legends brought new map World's Edge and new Legend Crypto, a surveillance expert with a nack for drones.

As with all Apex Legends events, there will be challenges available with exclusive skins, badges and music packs unlocked by completing them. This includes two Legendary Weapon Skins and the Wildfire Octane Legend Skin.

On top of this, there will be 24 unique premium limited-time cosmetics that players can outright buy, craft or acquire in Event Apex Packs. There will be no currency in the latter, instead additional loot such as Event Items, Legend Finishers, Banner Frames and Crafting Metals will be dropped with zero duplicates. 

According to the Apex Legends blog, if you unlock all 24 Fight of Fright Collection Pack Items during the event, you’ll unlock the Lifeline Heirloom set for free.