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Apex Legends Global Series Year 2: $5 million prize pool, format, details and more

The biggest championship series in Apex Legends competitive will be back for 2022, expanding its format and its prize pool as announced by EA and Respawn.
Apex Legends Global Series proved to be one of the biggest global events in 2021 around the battle royale genre, as teams from all over the world faced each other to hold the title of regional champions for the first time ever.

Now with its 2021 season already over, EA and Respawn have announced the Apex Legends Global Series will be back again for a second year, with an overhaul in its format and a more diversified schedule, featuring a 10-month tournament calendar, and both an expanded format and bigger prize pool.

ALGS Year 2: Format and schedule

Apex Legends Global Series banner
(Picture: Electronic Arts / Respawn Entertainment)

The second season of the Apex Legends Global Series will undergo a drastic evolution, becoming a complete competitive ecosystem for all PC, Xbox, and PlayStation Apex Legends players, meaning players from all platforms (except Nintendo Switch) will have the chance to be part of this championship series.

ALGS Preseason Qualifiers

Everything will start in September 2021 with the online Preseason Qualifiers, where all teams and players will have the chance to prove themselves, to earn a spot into the ALGS Regional Pro Leagues.

The winning team from each region will automatically qualify for the first split of the Pro League, while the remaining 16 spots will go to the top teams in each region based on cumulative points earned throughout the qualifiers.

These Qualifiers will last until early October 2021, with the best teams going straight to the Pro Leagues. Besides, other teams with good results that didn’t manage to qualify for these, will be able to fight for a spot in the brand new ALGS Challenger Circuits.

ALGS Regional Pro Leagues Split 1

Each of the Regional Pro Leagues will feature 40 of the top teams in each ALGS region, being these the 20 qualified squads and 20 direct invited teams. Each team will duke it out over a regular season of competition, with the top teams advancing to the playoffs. The first split of the Pro Leagues will be held online from October to December 2021.

Moving on to the Playoffs, the top teams in each ALGS Pro League split will qualify for the live event finals, for their shot at a $1,000,000 prize pool in January 2022.

Apex Legends banner
(Picture: Electronic Arts / Respawn Entertainment)

ALGS Regional Pro Leagues Split 2

Before the start of the second split of the Pro Leagues, a new series of Qualifiers will be held again, however this time the bottom teams will defend their spot in the Pro League against the top teams from the Challenger Circuits.

Both the second split of the Pro Leagues and the Challenger Circuits will be held online from February to March 2022.

Playoffs of the Split 2 will feature a special format, as the winners will advance to the ALGS Championship, and those who fall in this stage will move on to the second LCQ, waiting for the best teams from the Challenger Circuits who managed to win the first LCQ.

These Playoffs and LCQs will take place in May 2022.

ALGS Championship 2022

The pinnacle of the ALGS will be waiting in the in-person ALGS Championship 2022, where the 40 best teams throughout the year will lay it all on the line to take home the bulk of the $2,000,000 USD prize pool and claim the title of ALGS World Champion.

Apex Legends Global Series Year 2 schedule
(Picture: Electronic Arts / Respawn Entertainment)

ALGS Year 2: Prize pool and how to watch

Last but not least, the ALGS will be focused on five regions: North America, EMEA, APAC South, APAC North, and South America, so you can expect specific formats and broadcasts dedicated to each of these regions.

As of now, no info has been shared about the distribution of the $5 million prize pool, or where to watch each of the tournaments, nonetheless we will update this as soon as we get more details.

Registrations for the Preseason Qualifiers will be opened on 18th August 2021, through the ALGS Global Series website.

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