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Apex Legends Revenant guide: All abilities detailed

As Revenant enters Apex Legends, we breakdown all his abilities so you can get to grips with the new character.
Apex Legends Revenant guide: All abilities detailed

Apex Legends is kick-starting its first year anniversary celebrations in style with the release of Season 4.

While it looked like Forge was going to be the next character to be added to the game, he was unceremoniously eliminated before he could make it to the Apex Games – murdered by Revenant, a new robot character.

We’ve been eagerly counting down the days to find out how Revenant plays, and whether he’s worth parting with your Apex Coins to unlock.

An assassin with a vendetta against the nefarious Hammond Robotics, Revenant is a simulacrum – a robot with a human brain.

He’s not only centuries old, but he’s left a trail of bodies in his wake – and it looks like the Apex Games is the perfect chance to add more.

As with all Legends, Revenant's abilities come in three flavours - passive, tactical, and ultimate, but with an extra passive debuff. Let’s break each one down.

Passive Ability: Stalker

Revenant’s passive ability allows him to walk more quickly when crouched, and he can climb over higher walls.

That should make him ideal when it comes to flanking opponents, provided their Bloodhound doesn’t sniff him out first!

Passive Ability: Low Profile

Apex Legends Revenant
Revenant has some very appealing abilities (Picture: Respawn) 

A debuff that means Revenant takes an extra 5% damage, this will ensure that the monstrous machine can be kept in check – if you can spot him.

Tactical Ability: Silence

A multi-purpose grenade of sorts, Silence is a throwable that deals damage and prevents enemies from using their abilities for ten seconds.

Use it in conjunction with Stalker to nullify abilities like the dome shield that Gibraltar uses for an easier kill against a defenceless foe.

Ultimate Ability: Death Totem

Revenant totem in Apex Legends
Revenant's totem can prevent players from dying (Picture: Respawn) 

A wholly unique ultimate ability, this totem can prevent Revenant from dying. Yes, really.

Rather than being killed or downed, Revenant will be returned to the totem’s location – presumably unless the item is destroyed.

If you have it active, it might be an idea to charge in, safe in the knowledge that you’ll get a second chance to fight, as well as the potential to revive any teammates that also fall.