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Apex Legends Season 4 update release time and what to expect

Apex Legends Season 4 sees a bunch of new map changes and adjustments arrive, so here’s what to expect from the next major update.
Apex Legends Season 4 update release time and what to expect

Exactly a year after its original release, Apex Legends is set to drop its Season 4 update which adds a new character a batch of other additions.  

Along with new character Revenant, there’s a new Battle Pass, a revamped Ranked mode series, along with new weapons.  

Here’s everything to expect from Apex Legends Season 4 Assimilation.  

What time does Apex Legends Season 4 release?  

The update is set to roll out on 4th February 2020, although timings haven’t been officially confirmed by Respawn Entertainment.  

Judging by past season release times though, the update should roll out across the world at the below times. There might be some delays however if any last-minute issues occur.  

  • UK – 6pm GMT 
  • US East Coast – 1pm EST 
  • US West Coast – 10am PST 
  • Central Europe – 8pm CEST 

We’ll update this page if confirmation of timings is released.  

What’s included in Apex Legends Season 4?  

New legend Revenant 

After introducing and killing off Forge within a few days, Respawn revealed the actual new character Revenant would be the next legend added to the roster.  

In a trailer for the new update, Revenant can be seen showcasing a number of abilities which previously leaked, including a Death Recall Ultimate Ability which is believed to protect teammates from death.  

There’s also a Poison Bomb which causes damage and slows down enemies, along with an Infiltrator Passive Ability which allows him to scale higher walls and crouch walk faster. 


Season 4 Battle Pass 

This season’s Battle Pass has 100 levels of new unlocks, featuring Apex Packs, Legendary skins, Music Packs and Loading Screens.  

The full details of the Battle Pass are expected when the update goes live.  

Ranked Series 3 

Ranked Mode will enter Series 3, which features changes to the previous format and a new Master Tier outlined below.  

  • Moving to Splits per season, 6 weeks of ranked play before a reset 

  • Adding Master Tier, Apex Predator becomes top 500 players by platform. 

  • Soft reset and scoring are the same, but soft reset is every split. 

  • Dive trails will be moving to a seasonal reward model, but Series 1 & 2 players are grandfathered in 

New weapon Sentinel 

A bolt-action sniper rifle with a charge mechanic. It’s an armour-piercing weapon designed for both medium and long-ranged combat.  

Map changes

Apex Legends split map
There's going to be a split in the map (Picture: Respawn) 

A new Planet Harvester will be placed in the middle of the map, with its bright red beam designed to give players a better sense of direction when navigating around.  

World’s Edge Capitol City will also be split in two thanks to a rupture caused by the Planet Harvester, in a bid to give more breathing room to one of the busiest points of the map.  

There’s also a new Survey Camp which will house weapon racks, placed between the Epicenter and Skyhook.  

Year one login gifts

There’s also special login gifts to commemorate the first anniversary of Apex Legends, with players able to bag a Year 1 Oragami Flyer gun charm, a Year 1 loyalty badge and an extra 10,000 XP when they sign in across the first week of Season 4 (4-11th February).  

Apex Legends Season 4 releases on 4th February 2020.