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Apex Legends Season 11 weapon tier list - Every gun ranked from best to worst

Season 11 of Apex Legends is now live with some major shakeups to both new and pre-existing weapons. Here's how the standings look with an official Apex Legends Season 11 weapon tier list featuring every weapon ranked from best to worst.
Apex Legends Season 11 weapon tier list - Every gun ranked from best to worst

Apex Legends Season 11 Escape has arrived, and it comes with some significant weapon balance changes, as well as with a brand new weapon, same as any other season.

While many are enjoying the new content to explore, including the game's newest legend, Ash, as well as a whole new map. Competitive players simply want to figure out the new meta as soon as possible, it's paramount for those who want to climb ranks fast.

Here's how the weapons tier list shakes out after a massive update for the all-new Season 11 of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 11 Weapons
Season 11 promises to be full of excitement with a number of weapons changes. (Picture: EA Sports)

Apex Legends Season 11 weapons tier list

Keep in mind that this list is only for the battle royal mode, and not for Arenas.

There are 28 weapons total in Apex Legends, spread out across six different categories. The rankings are based on the effectiveness of each weapon, as well as versatility for various situations en route to becoming the kill leader and Champion.

For our tier list, we have opted for a standard five-tier system, S to D.

  • S-Tier: The absolute best of the best, regardless of attachments. If you see these, pick them up.
  • A-Tier: With decent attachments, can lead you to victory.
  • B-Tier: You need some purple attachments. Slower time-to-kill (TTK) can hurt you during engages.
  • C-Tier: Requires you to stock up with great attachments, if you can't get your hands on a better gun, it's not the end of the world.
  • D-Tier: Leave it on the ground on which you found it


Apex Legends Season 11 weapon tier list
The Spitfire has received increased damage, reduced Hip Fire Spread, and Purple Mag Size increase. (Picture: EA)
  • VK-47 Flatline - Assault rifle
  • M600 Spitfire - Heavy machine gun
  • R-301 Carbine - Assault rifle
  • Kraber .50-Cal Sniper - Sniper rifle
  • Eva-8 Auto - Shotgun
  • C.A.R. SMG - Submachine gun

Some big shakeups to this season's weapons tier list with the VK-47 Flatline jumping up to the S-Tier. The M600 Spitfire remains the meta heavy machine gun, and the C.A.R. SMG has the potential to become one of the most powerful weapons in all of Season 11.


Wingman Apex Legends Season 11
The Wingman carries more power than most Apex Legends gamers would suspect from a pistol. (Picture EA)
  • Wingman - Heavy pistol
  • Alternator - Light SMG
  • R-99 Light SMG - Submachine gun
  • Sentinel - Sniper rifle
  • Volt energy SMG - Submachine gun
  • G7 Scout - Light assault rifle

The R-99 Light SMG and Sentinel sniper rifle debut on the A-Tier after a recent jump up the standings. The Wingman heavy pistol remains in this tier as the recent update has largely unaffected its surprisingly powerful nature.


Apex Legends best weapons in season 11
The Rampage LMG saw a debut in Season 10 with mixed success, landing it in the B-Tier. (Picture: EA)
  • Prowler Burst PDW - Submachine gun
  • Rampage LMG - Light machine gun
  • Bocek Compound Bow - Sniper
  • Peacekeeper - Shotgun
  • Triple Take - Marksman rifle
  • Hemlock - Heavy assault rifle

After a debut in Season 10, the Rampage LMG enters Season 11 as a B-Tier gun, as it's much more effective at longer ranges than in close-range combat.

The Peacekeeper is a very unique and versatile weapon that gamers are beginning to explore more and more.


Best weapons in Apex Legends Season 11
The Eva-8 is no longer the strongest shotgun in Apex Legends. (Picture: EA)
  • Eva-8 Auto - Shotgun
  • Charge Rifle - Sniper rifle
  • Longbow DMR - Sniper rifle
  • Mastiff - Shotgun
  • 30-30 Repeater - Marksman rifle
  • Devotion Energy LMG - Light machinegun

The Eva-8 Auto was previously a very effective Shotgun, however, reduced bolt fire-rate scaling knocked off a lot of its shine.

The 30-30 Repeater doesn't have the highest damage, but its fire rate can certainly make it usable in certain situations.


Best SMG in Apex Legends Season 11
The P2020 is the definition of a last resort weapon in Apex Legends. Only worry about picking up one of these if you have no other options. (Picture: EA)
  • P2020 - Light pistol
  • RE-45 - Light pistol
  • HAVOC - Energy rifle
  • Mozambique - Shotgun

These are the bottom-tier weapons in all of Apex Legends at the outset of Season 11. They're certainly capable of killing opponents, but you're likely going to lose a shootout if this is all you're working with. Look to these weapons as a last resort only.


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Featured image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.