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Apex Legends Seer abilities: What they do, tips, strategies, and more

Apex Legends Seer abilities have been fully revealed, so let's check out what will the latest legend bring to the table once Season 10 starts.
Apex Legends Seer abilities: What they do, tips, strategies, and more

Apex Legends Season 10 is just around the corner and gamers can't wait to try the game's latest Legend, Seer.

Announced a few weeks ago, Seer will be joining the battle royale on 3rd August 2021, when Season 10 Emergence starts.

Today, Respawn has finally revealed all of Seer's abilities and we can finally see what type of gameplay style he offers and what role he could fit.

We can safely say that Obi "Seer" Edolasim brings a very unique set of skills into the game and that his presence will force other players to think differently about how they play, as with him it's all about information and always being a few steps ahead of your enemies.

Without further ado, let's see what are his abilities, how they work, and how you can use them to your advantage.

Passive Ability - Heart Seeker

Apex Legends Seer Passive Ability - Heart Seeker
Heart Seeker (Picture: EA)

Seer's passive is called Heart Seeker and it essentially allows you to have a radar on demand which shows the general direction of nearby enemy players when aiming down sights.

Enemies within 75M from Seer will appear as marks and you will be able to hear their heartbeats. A very useful passive for players who like to play a slow game and wait for their targets to make the wrong move, as you will always be able to predict their movement and know from which direction will come.

Be patient, be quiet, and lure them into a trap.

Tactical Ability - Focus of Attention

Apex Legends Seer Tactical Ability - Focus of Attention
Focus of Attention (Picture: EA)

Seer's tactical, Focus of Attention, uses his signature drones to create a delayed blast, which penetrates walls, revealing and interrupting enemy players caught by it.

Drones create a grid in a targeted direction that explodes shortly after and marks all enemies with yellow rectangles.

Focus of Attention is a great ability for proactive plays, especially when you expect that enemies are setting up an ambush in a small area, or when your team needs to dive into a closed space.

It will not only reveal all potential enemies hiding there but will also mark them for a short time, giving you an advantage in a situation that would otherwise favour the enemy team.

Ultimate Ability - Exhibit

Apex Legends Seer ultimate
Exhibit creates a grid over a huge area (Picture: EA)

Finally, Seer's ultimate is called Exhibit.

Seer deploys his heart chamber, which then cast micro-drones to create a huge net over an area around the heart chamber, revealing all the enemies who are moving quickly or using weapons.

The area is relatively large and this ability has an immense utility value, as it can win games with ease for your team if used at the right moment.

Cast it in crucial engagements and gain information about the positions of your enemies, and gain even more value with other Legends who use obstructive abilities to hinder the vision of your enemies.

Exhibit is essentially a wallhack that you can use legally, but you will need to learn to sense the right moment to use it and have good coordination with your teammates.

And there you have it, all of the Seer's abilities evaluated. As you can see, Seer is an excellent addition to the Apex Legends roster of characters, and he opens up a lot of space for different strategies and playstyles.

We can't wait to watch pros using his abilities to their full potential! 

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