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Apex Legends: What are ordnance

Ordnance are powerful weapons that any Apex Legends player should be using. We explain what exactly ordnance are and how to use them.
Apex Legends: What are ordnance

Mastering Apex Legends isn't all about using the best weapons and Legends. Like most games, you need to master making the best of what you have on hand.

This applies to anything you can use to cause damage, big or small. And knowing how to use an item like an ordnance is vital to your survival and can mean the difference between life or death. 

So today we are looking at what exactly an ordnance is in Apex Legends, the different types, and how you should use them in your next game to give yourself an edge over the other Legends. 

What are ordnance in Apex Legends? 

What are ordnances
Ordnance are small weapons that pack a punch (Picture: alphaINTEL via Twitter / Respawn Entertainment)

In Apex Legends, ordnance are considered small weapons that players can throw at enemies to deal damage. You can usually find ordnance in Supply Bins, floor loot, and Loot Ticks. 

There are three main kinds of ordnance a player can use. Namely, The Frag Grenade, Arc Star, and the Thermite Grenade. Let's look at what each one does and how they are best used. 

Arc Star

Arc Star ordnance
The Arc Star is arguably the best ordnance because of its high damage and versatility. (Picture: TLT Lab Hacks via Youtube / Respawn Entertainment)

Arc stars behave like sticky bombs in other games but with the added bonus of being giant shuriken. When they hit an opponent they will deal 15 pierce damage and after a 3-second delay, the explosion will deal 70 damage. 

They're especially useful as the explosion can destroy pretty much any shield in the game for any unlucky Legend hit by it. They also cause any player nearby to be stunned for 5 seconds making them easy to pick off.

The arc star is perfect for tactical approaches when weakening the opponent and moving up to rush them to force them out of hiding or out of vantage point.  

Frag Grenade

Frag grenade ordnance
The rag grenade is powerful if you can master the skill to use it. (Picture: Kevin Neal / Respawn Entertainment)

Just like in any other game, these work like standard grenades. They will detonate after 4 seconds and you cannot cook them, so once you pull that pin, you have 4 seconds before it goes boom. 

You can however throw them at high angles and if you master the timing can get them to explode upon impact. This can be great for smoking out enemies on high ground or camping enemies. 

These grenades do anywhere between 1 and 100 damage depending on how close they are to the target, so mastering the impact detonation time is definitely worth the practice. 

Thermite Grenade

The thermite grenade is tactically useful and a strategists ideal choice. (Picture: Proskillet682 via Reddit / Respawn Entertainment)

Thermite grenades will create a wall of fire horizontally where thrown in the direction that the player is facing that deals 25 damage over a 3 second period that stacks. 

The thermite grenade will continue to burn for 3 seconds once caught in the flames and is powerful enough to take out opponents wearing full-body shields if they don't move out of its way, if they aren't wearing any shields and get caught they will die if exposed for 4 or more seconds. 

This makes the thermite grenade ideal for tactical control of the battlefield or clearing barricades as wherever you throw this thing, enemies will definitely move out of the way and in a safer direction, or rather the direction you want them to go. 

There you have it, now that you know what ordnance are in Apex Legends, you can make the best of these small, but tactful and useful weapons and defeat your opponents regardless of the Legends you face. 

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Featured Image courtesy of Andy via Reddit / Respawn Entertainment.