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Duos and map rotations are coming back to Apex Legends, along with The Old Ways Lore Event

You can now play duos and trios on Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge.
Duos and map rotations are coming back to Apex Legends, along with The Old Ways Lore Event

If you like to play Apex Legends with just one friend/random player, we got some excellent news for you - duos are coming back, and this time they are here to stay. They are coming with permanent map rotation, which gives players the ability to play Duos or Trios on Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge.

All this will come April 7, along with the completely new event called The Old Ways Lore, which features a lot of new content and it's focused around Bloodhound.

First of all, Bloodhound's Trials is a new town takeover.

"When the Apex Games came to World's Edge, large predators vacated the area, leading to an explosion in the prowler population. Most were traced to a nest in the northwest portion of the arena, and here, Bloodhound saw an opportunity: maintain the ecosystem by pitting humans against beasts.

Dive into Bloodhound's Trials, where you and your squad battle against a hoard of prowlers and claim high-tier loot as your reward. But beware the most dangerous game: fellow Legends who want to scavenge those goods for themselves. In moments of quiet, don't forget to explore the enclosure, especially with a certain hunter at your side," says in the description.


Along with the Old Ways Event, there's a new unique set of daily challenges. If you complete them, you unlock exclusive cosmetics inspired by the Stories from the Outlands: The Old Ways digital short. You'll be able to earn up to 1000 points per challenge set, and the challenge set will refresh at a daily rate. Plus, you'll still be able to complete your battle pass challenges at the same time too.

If you are not into completing challenges, or simply you don't have time for that (but you have money instead) you'll be able to purchase these cosmetic items directly from the shop, along with the return of Legendary Hunt Skins.

The event runs from April 7-21, and fore more details, you can visit the official page of the event.