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Apex Legends - All New Internet Connection Symbols Explained

In this guide, we detail and explain all of the new internet connection or "lag" symbols that players can expect to see when playing Apex Legends.
Apex Legends - All New Internet Connection Symbols Explained

Apex Legends, developed by Respawn Entertainment, introduces several fresh 'lag symbols' which are visual cues indicating connectivity problems that players may encounter. Initially, these symbols might be perplexing, particularly if you're accustomed to the game's previous indicators. 

To address this, we have compiled a comprehensive guide that will showcase all the new symbols associated with connectivity or lag issues in Apex Legends. So, without any additional delay, let's delve straight into it.

Apex Legends: All New Internet Connection Symbols Explained

First off, let's discuss the newer symbols introduced to Apex Legends in 2022, which are related to lag and connection issues. These codes may be slightly more complex, but we'll simplify them as much as possible.

Apex Legends All new Connection Symbols Listed below
Below are the new connection symbols added to Apex Legends in 2022. (Picture: EA)

UCMD Delay (Input Lag)

UCMD Delay indicates that there is a delay between the player inputting a command and the game executing it. Input lag can have various causes, making it challenging to pinpoint the exact issue. To minimize input lag, we recommend using wired peripherals instead of wireless ones.

Lag Compensation Error

A Lag Compensation error occurs when the server uses a player's latency to recreate the game state at the time the command was entered. This aims to account for network delays and provide a fair gameplay experience.

Data Error

The Data Error symbol, featuring a large microphone, indicates that your game is encountering difficulties processing related data, leading to connection issues.


The Starvation symbol, consisting of a blank clock next to a microphone, signifies a situation where a process cannot be completed due to insufficient resources. This can result in performance issues and disrupted gameplay.

Issue Marker

The Issue Marker symbol represents an issue without a known cause or fix. Unfortunately, resolving this particular problem may require further investigation or a future update from the developers.


The Limits symbol suggests that your internet connection may be reaching its capacity, struggling to handle the required in-game actions.

Apex Legends: Older Internet Connection Symbols Explained

As a quick refresher, or for anyone that's unaware, we'll discuss the four common symbols in Apex Legends that indicate internet connection issues: Latency, Packet Loss, Congestion, and Prediction Error.

Apex Legends All new Connection Symbols Older symbols still present
The older symbols are still present, and it's worth knowing what one means if you don't already (Picture: EA).


The latency symbol is represented by a speedometer, indicating a high ping or delay in your internet connection. A high ping means there is a longer communication time between your computer and the Apex Legends server, causing sync issues. Switching to a different server before your next match might help alleviate this issue.

Packet Loss

The packet loss symbol consists of three squares, with the middle square showing a dotted line. Packet loss occurs when your computer fails to send or receive data from the Apex Legends server. It can cause random freezing, rubberbanding, and zero-hit registration. Check your internet connections, cables, and contact your ISP to troubleshoot this issue.


The congestion symbol resembles a branch with three dots, also known as a trident. It indicates that the server you are using has too many connections or processes happening simultaneously, causing a bottleneck in resources. Switching servers is often the only option to address this issue, as it is server-related and beyond your control.

Prediction Error

The prediction error symbol consists of two parallel lines with dots. It occurs when the server fails to accurately predict the movement of players, particularly the one you are looking at. Apex Legends utilizes technology to predict player and enemy movements for faster display on your screen. Similar to other server-side issues, switching servers may be the best course of action while waiting for the servers to be fixed.

And there you have it, a detailed breakdown of all the connection/lag symbols you might see when playing Apex Legends. While we offer general insights and suggestions, resolving these issues may require further troubleshooting or assistance from the game's developers.